11 Signs Your Relationship Is Failing
Anton Polidovets

11 Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

“When you keep having the same fight. You talk it out, promise each other changes, and everything is great for a little while. But then one or both of you slips back into an old pattern and you’re back at the fight a month or two later. And it goes on like this for a while until each time it gets harder to talk it out.” — [deleted]

“No longer enjoying their company in general. It’s one thing if you’re both busy and worn out at the end of a long day, but if you are sitting in your car in your driveway after work, and you’re lingering just because you don’t even want to go inside and chat with them… then yeah. Time to move on.” — littlescrapdog

“Dr. Gottman studied this for 20+ years. He determined that criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling are the four strongest signs. This was true even during interviews with couples that did not argue and attempted to ‘put on a good face’ during the interview process. He called this the four horsemen.” — pittsburgg

“When one or both stop being thankful about things because they think they ‘deserve’ that thing. You know, the mentality that says ‘that’s what he/she is supposed to do anyway.’ Yes, you deserve to be taken care of, but let your SO know that you appreciate them. If you don’t appreciate them, the things they do will slowly feel like a chore to them, and they’ll get tired of doing it. Yes, you are supposed to be respected, but let them know you’re thankful for the respect they show you.” — cesgjo

“Airing your dirty laundry to others. If you are having a problem in your relationship talk to your SO about it. Don’t talk to your friends about it in front of or behind the back of your SO. It ruins your trust in the other person.” — Yeahthatwasmybad

“When they don’t seem to be interested in what you have to say and then they go out with friends more. If they don’t seem as happy as when you first got together then it may be close. It’s hard to tell.” — Disfigured_Doughnut

“Lack of communication skills and the inability to resolve conflict. Arguments and disagreements are a normal part of any relationship, but some people can’t handle it. If you can’t have an argument without getting nasty, putting your partner down, or stonewalling, then it’s not going to be a very healthy relationship. You can fight and still be respectful to one another.” — Peppermussy

“When you’re physically in the same room together, yet it feels as though the other person isn’t there – that their thoughts and emotions are elsewhere.” — Back2Bach

“When you don’t even bother arguing anymore because it’s not worth the effort.” — CCHTweaked

“Not wanting to spend time with you, no communication between the two of you (short answers, for example), and just a change of attitude in general towards you.” — jamie9000000

“Feeling contempt for your significant other. When you’re looking at the person you’re supposed to love with disdain or resentment, then it’s time for the relationship to end.” — let_them_eat_kale