11 Soft Hearted People Share How They Remain Kind Even When Life Sucks
Zarina Iskarova

11 Soft Hearted People Share How They Remain Kind Even When Life Sucks

This world isn’t always easy to navigate. But that doesn’t mean you should give up hope or give into despair. Here are some kindhearted people explaining how and why they manage to remain so kind even when the world sucks:

“Because I know how it feels when you’re down and your day/week/month/year just fucking sucks, and if there’s a chance I can make just one person who feels like that have a better day and feel good for a bit, then it’s worth it.” — PubicAnimeNummerJuan

“I just want to be the reason that someone believes there are still good people in the world.” — [deleted]

“It just never hurts to be nice. You don’t know what people go through or how long it’s been since someone said something or did nice for someone, so I do my part to reset the clock on that. I remember holding the door for a guy one time when he was like 20 feet behind me, and he was so appreciative that someone did something for him that sounded like he was about to tear up. You just never know, so why not be a good person?” — [deleted]

“You catch more flies with honey. Not saying your motivation to be nice should be to get things out of people, but more opportunities present themselves when you’re likable and people want to be around you. You sleep well and have diverse social groups to interact with. And being nice does not mean to let people take advantage of you. Clearly communicate your boundaries and have the other person confirm that they’ve heard and understand you.” — DrSpagetti

“I’m not especially strong or educated, I’m not particularly well off and I know I can get carried away and come off as annoying sometimes. So if I can’t be strong or smart, socially adept or successful, I can definitely be kind.” — heinousheatwave

“I just think you shouldn’t make anyone else’s life harder than it already is.” — Maxxonry

“Being unkind makes me feel very guilty immediately. Even if they ‘deserved’ it, I just feel kind of angry or upset after, never better.” — lillyko_i

“The world is often shitty and people are often selfish. So I’m relentlessly positive and friendly even when others abuse it. I’m not letting shitty people gaslight me into being like them.” — Teh_Mongoose

“Anxiety makes me think everyone already hates me 👉😎👉 so i try to be liked by people” — WildWooper

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. I believe in this quote a lot and try to live by it. Giving kindness is free and maybe, in some situations it may cost more effort. But at the end of the day, I just want them to be happy. That is reward enough for me.” — obstracized

“Being kind takes the sting out of rudeness, usually on both sides. Being nice to an arse makes me feel good, and often makes them back down and apologize, or at least stop doing what they’re doing. Sometimes just asking if they’re ok can make them stop, although sometimes it leads to a life story! I have always regretted being mean. I’ve never regretted being kind.” — bex9990