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Nong V

12 Genius Horror Movies That Haven’t Been Made Yet

“Aliens abduct a human but the human is actually a psychopathic serial killer and is now loose on their ship, hunting them down.” — banananas_are_sick24

“A group of MIT students create a device that allows an AI art generator to create dreams they can experience while asleep. The AI becomes sentient and creates horrifying nightmares far beyond human imaginations. Literally scaring the students to death. The movie would use actual AI generated creatures.” — Large-Statistician-3

“A family that takes vacations together but they are all serial killers. For example, they all go on a cruise together, and take turns killing people while the others stay around people for alibis. Can also take place at a ski lodge, big city etc…” — s3ri3s10

“Romeo and Juliet but they off each other’s whole families so they can be happy together finally.” — Vivoatwork

“A famous musician, who moonlights as a serial killer to get inspiration for their music. With the more gruesome the kill, the more inspired they feel. They purposely put clues to the murder in the songs, but passes them off as just creative lyrics. Most believe that, because the idea that a world famous singer would be a crazed killer sounds far fetched. Sometimes even mixing in the screams of their victims in the sound track.” — TheseStaff

“I’ve wanted to do one where god is real and is pissed, Old Testament style. No one has been studying the right religion and 99.9% of humanity gets near infinite torture.” — Confusedandreticent

“Ghosts in a haunted house living in fear of the serial killer who killed them. All their spooky manipulations are warnings to the next would-be victims. I guess this has been done before, but you always get the impression that the ghosts are sinister pretty much the entire time. I want stuff like a door randomly opening to a protagonist that reveals an escape hatch, or a drawer flies open while they’re being hunted throwing all sorts of knives on the ground next to the protag. Something like that.” — FirstBankofAngmar

“Honestly it may exist, but a serial killer who unknowingly abducts another serial killer/psycho who turns the tables. “ — Entire-Job7656

“A 100 or so people get sent back in time to the Cretaceous Period but the dinosaurs are accurate and kill them in realistic ways. Triceratops impaling people, Tyrannosaurs eating people whole after stalking them, Carnotaurs chasing people down and then knocking them to the ground to eat them, Velociraptors hunting in packs, Spinosaurs hunting anyone who enters the water.” — airuarak123

“Haunted prison but it’s a fully populated prison.” — LeluWater

“I think the scariest movie that seemingly nobody has made would be about the things we imagine in the dark. Somebody behind you when you turn off the lights at the top of the stairs, walking by a bedroom or closet and somebody is there type thing. I hate coming up from the basement in the night or even walking by the den, just to make sure nobody is standing there. A movie like that would actually fuck me up.” — Jibber_Fight

“Italian serial killer who uses the little pizza cutter as his weapon” — fishystocks