12 Genius Relationship Hacks To Impress Your Girlfriend
Arun Anoop

12 Genius Relationship Hacks To Impress Your Girlfriend

If you want to make your person happy, you have to put constant effort into the relationship. Here are a few relationship hacks that will make your relationship stronger:

“I have an Evernote list on my phone of birthday ideas for the wife. Any time she expresses some interest in an item (shoes, clothes, perfume, jewelry) I add it to the list. When birthday or Christmas time rolls around, I just pick out one of the items on the list to buy. This way, I never have to stress about what to get her, and she thinks I have an amazing memory when it comes to the crap that she likes.” — godOfTheGaps

“Control the tone of your voice. Not only when angry, but for regular stuff, too. Go upstairs and ask her if she’s seen your keys, don’t holler it from the foot of the stairs. Takes only a little effort before it becomes second nature.” — Oatybar

“When she’s not around, go check the labels on her shoes, shirts, pants, bra, and underwear. Measure one of her necklaces to see what length she likes. Pocket one of her rings, take it to a jeweler and have them tell you what size it is. Write all of these sizes down.” — [deleted]

“Use her first name. It sounds stupid, I know, but think about it. It’s always ‘babe’, ‘honey’, whatever… but how often is it ‘Kate, I love you.’ It will catch her off guard and bring some sincerity and surprise back into something you say everyday.” — igapedherbutthole

“Don’t invalidate feelings. ‘You shouldn’t feel that way.’ ‘It’s not worth getting so upset over.’ Even if she’s overreacting, how she feels is valid and correcting that is just asking for trouble.” — jdouglast

“I keep a notepad document with all the important dates on it. If I go on a date and something noteworthy happens I put it in that document with the date. Later on I can pull out one of those references to win some brownie points.” — bibliophile83

“If you want to get to really know a guy/girl go on a trip with them. Somewhere neither of you have been. You’ll start to see their real self come out.” — KeyboardDog

“Don’t demand your SO to do something right away if it can wait. Give them a time frame. Instead of saying, ‘Honey go take out the trash now’ and getting mad when he doesn’t do it right away, say, ‘Honey, can you take out the trash before tomorrow morning?’ or ‘Can you finish the dishes sometime tonight before we go to bed?’ If it’s not completely unreasonable, she will most likely say yes and do it on her own time. I think it’s a lot less naggy and she won’t be as annoyed doing it. Nobody likes having to immediately drop what they’re doing to do boring chores.” — zzzzzzzzzzz1

“Flowers. Impossibly cheap, always welcome. Going to the store? Buy flowers. Bringing a pizza over? Buy flowers. Want to win over her co-workers? Send flowers (find a local flower shop and trust their judgment – fuck FTD, Flowers.com, etc). Remember what she likes and buy them often. Buy local, buy farmer’s market, buy whatever – there is no romantic device with the cost-benefit ratio of flowers. Note that ‘flowers’ does not mean ‘roses’ as roses don’t really smell that good, don’t last that long, and for some stupid reason mean ‘I love you truly madly deeply’ whereas, say, glads or lilies or gerber daisies simply say ‘I like you enough to bring you flowers.’” — kleinbl00

“When she’s done talking, wait attentively. There’s the pause after people explain or describe something, and it usually is filled by the other person’s reacting or commenting. Don’t fill the pause – but you have to be attentive here. Make eye contact and show interest – if you’re watching the TV, you fail. Sometimes she will continue, and what comes after the pause is often more significant than what preceded. Sometimes she will gain an insight or come up with a solution, and you look like a genius even though you haven’t really done anything. (This is a therapist technique, and It’s really interesting. Try it on anybody, it doesn’t have to be a S.O.)” — jdouglast

“When it’s raining, bring an umbrella and walk her to the car under it. You’re close, it’s thoughtful, it’s romantic.” — KanadaKid19

“Learn how to give a good backrub. Not even a massage, just a rub. Lightly with your fingertips.” — TheCheeks