13 Men Share The Guilty Pleasure They Hide From Their Girlfriend
Kenzie Kraft

12 Men Reveal The Guilty Pleasure They’ve Been Hiding From Their Wife

You should feel comfortable telling your partner anything – even if it’s embarrassing. However, not all couples are completely open and honest with each other. They have deep dark secrets that they would never say aloud. Here are a few people willing to share the guilty pleasure that they would never admit to their partner:

“I get up 1-2 hours earlier than I have to in the morning just so I can watch TV while she’s asleep. If she catches me watching anything, then she asks me a thousand questions, gets interested, and wants to watch every episode with me, which would mean I could only keep going on a show when we’re both free and willing. Sometimes, I just don’t want to wait that long to find out what happens in the next episode. Since the pandemic started, I’ve plowed through two dozen different TV shows that she’s never seen any of.” — GavinBelsonsAlexa

“I have a separate savings account that I use to pay for my ‘fun’ things. Tattoos, video game consoles, project car parts. When she asks, I just say it was donated or something. She believes that every cent we earn should go to our kids and our retirement. I need things that make me happy. I know it’s not nice to lie to her, but such is life.” — DAA_HOOVAA

“Sometimes I play with myself while he’s sleeping beside me. I ran the idea past him a couple of years back to make sure it was okay, but I’ve never actually been caught, which makes it fun.” — SmallTownMortician

“I take pictures of them while they’re sleeping. I don’t post them anywhere or anything. They’re just for me to look at when I’m lonely.” — hinting123

“Sometimes I take the long way home and talk to myself in the car about my ‘problems’ – like Self Therapy. I put one earbud in so people think I could be on the phone. I get quite animated. It helps to get a stressful day out of my system before I get home and switch gears.” — Humble-Plankton2217

“I used to hide my hentai folder because I thought she would be upset. She found out and said, ‘Yeah… I figured as much.’ It’s since become a running joke in the house” — Flimsy_Editor3261

“I keep a Paramount+ account on the down-low to get my regular Star Trek fix.” — OmnemVeritatem

“Sometimes I say goodnight and go to our room only to play video games for the next two hours.” — ThatCupcakeWitch

“I get Taco Bell when she’s not home and then hide the bag in the bottom of the trash bin outside.” — BookOfOa

“I’ll watch an anime to see how bad it is if people say it’s really bad. She thinks I don’t watch them” — GenoSnas

“In the 20 minutes it takes me to drive home from the store I consume an entire can of squirty cream. Once a week, on a Friday.” — -N-A

“I don’t tell her that I got my jokes for the past couple months from Reddit.” — uglytruthshurts