12 Men Reveal The Hottest Thing A Woman Has Done To Flirt With Them

12 Men Reveal The Hottest Thing A Woman Has Done To Flirt With Them

You shouldn’t be afraid to make the first move. You could make someone’s day. Or you could begin your own love story. Here are some ways women have flirted that are still etched into a man’s mind:

“She motioned for me to listen to her whisper something, then instead she kissed me on the cheek.” — GoodGodIsThatATomato

“I dropped my phone at a bar and the girl sitting next to me said, ‘Oh no, I hope it isn’t broken, I have to give you my number and I don’t have a pen.’ It was incredibly clever and organic and I’ll never forget it.” — CplRicci

“Girl told me that she bought new underwear just to feel sexy for me. It’s still etched into my brain a decade later.” — Brazenjalapeno

“She came over and asked to borrow my salt. It was a restaurant. Every single table had salt.” — tangcameo

“I was lying in a hammock and she climbed in with me and cuddled on my chest. I’m usually fairly oblivious to hints but I did catch that one.” — 20ftScarf

“A girl just winked at me once. I did the whole thing where I looked behind me and everything.” — TheHelmetofNabu

“Sitting at a bar with a girl on a blind date (after we’d already gone out to dinner together earlier that night). She rested her hand on my thigh. Literally no woman had ever done that before, and I just met this girl today. Don’t get me wrong, I’d had sex before — but I was always the one making all the effort and risking rejection and indicating my own interest first. This time, she was making a move on ME. It had never happened before. We’ve been together for 13 years now, married for 11. And when I tell her about that thigh thing, she doesn’t even remember doing it. She was a little drunk. Ha. But that was my sign that the date was, in fact, going very well.” — Significant_Ant_2607

“SHE came up to ME and asked me to dance. Bonus points because it was in front of my friends.” — PM_ME_THEM_B00BS

“She pointed at an add and said, ‘That guy is cute like you.’ First time I ever thought of myself as handsome.” — Earthwick

“At work, I shared a big office with two other guys. She would come in occasionally, sit down, and shoot the shit. One time she extended her hand for my phone and asked if I had any cool games on it. I had like one or two, so I handed it over, and she just sat there playing games for a few minutes. Then she got up, handed me the phone, and informed me her number was in it.” — varontron

“One girl danced with me and the first thing she asked was if I was a good kisser. I said yea so she told me to prove it.” — Admirable-Athlete-50

“I was in a bar once and me and this girl kept locking eyes. Before I knew it she was walking towards me. She looked into my soul and said, ‘Why haven’t you asked for my number yet?’ and walked away. I almost fell out my chair lmao.” — Slow-Confection6963