Minor Red Flags

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12 Minor Red Flags That Matter More Than You Think

“Assuming the worst in others. Doubly so if they use that assumed dog-eat-dog mentality to justify shitty behaviors. It means deep down, they care about themselves over anyone and anything else, and will act on that in their day to day.” — Ok-Double9136

“When they fail to remember minor (but significant) details about you. If you have to remind someone twice that you don’t drink, that’s a red flag. If you have to remind them twice that you have Celiac disease, which makes restaurant dining complicated, that’s a red flag.” — GingerMau

“When dishing up food, they take a lot more of the nicer components of the dish for themselves and give you less. Be it chicken or tofu, y’know the juicy part of a pasta dish or something.” — Enbiss

“Anyone who pressures you to take a condom off sucks. They don’t respect you and are light weight creepy. Keep that shit wrapped up boys and girls don’t let anyone tell you what is and isn’t comfortable. Yes it is way worse with a condom on but if thems the rules that’s the rules.” — raptor6722

“When they promote toxic positivity. Like the people that go, ‘What are you depressed for? You’re alive, you get to see the earth with your eyes,’ when you actually need professional help.” — alli_ssamaaa

“The Waiter Test. The person who is nice to you but isn’t nice to the waiter isn’t a nice person. This also applies to cashiers, counter help, hotel clerks, custodians, security guards, and everyone else in similar positions. HOWEVER, don’t apply the waiter test the first time you meet someone. Wait until they’ve been around you a few times and are comfortable in their skin around you. The first few times they are on their best behavior.” — AnybodySeeMyKeys

“If they constantly use their trauma as an excuse for everything bad they’re doing. Also, using trauma for guilt tripping when they want to get something.” — MacaroonEven2670

“One-upping or being self-righteous. It’s one thing to contribute to a conversation/talk about something you’re proud of but I have a coworker who uses every chance she gets to pat herself on the back: ‘My kid was THE MOST WELL-BEHAVED on the field trip. MY DAUGHTERS would never act out like their classmates.’ ‘I hate going to restaurants because I can ALWAYS make the food better, cheaper and more healthy.’” — G_Ram3

“Never saying sorry. We are people. We make mistakes. And even if we didn’t mean to, our words and behavior can hurt other people’s feeling. Just say sorry and move on, it’s not a big deal. But if someone is refusing to do so, it is a red flag to me.” — Taiyo_K

“When they regularly make negative comments and claim it’s just a joke or criticism. Usually about the way you dress, talk, etc.” — Objective-Medicine51

“When they talk shit behind everyone’s back but have what I like to call a sticky sweet personality to their face. I know some people like that.” — EchoSpecial87

“They don’t say please or thank you when ordering something small like a coffee or something. It costs no money and takes no energy. Just an asshole move not to be polite to the people you’re getting service from. Or anyone for that matter.” — Gentleman_Jedi