12 Mistakes That Will Make You Waste Your Twenties
Viktor Hesse

12 Mistakes That Will Make Your Twenties Harder

You don’t want to ruin your twenties by making mistakes that are completely avoidable. In order to help you out, here are some real people admitting to the biggest mistake you could make during this time of your life:

“Have a kid with the wrong partner. One of the most important decisions you will make in your life is who you have children with. Everybody hates to hear this, but you will be JUDGED by others on how well you do this.” — spotH3D

“Thinking that co-workers are your friends. They aren’t. Are there exceptions to this rule? Maybe at times. Co-workers are not your friends. Friends are friends. Work is work.” — eDisrturbseize

“Giving people too many chances. You don’t owe anyone anything. There are plenty of people you can have in your life. Drop the ones who lie, cheat, steal, and betray.” — Idkwtfluff

“The biggest mistake I made was pushing off life until I felt like I was ready. Dating, moving, etc. all were pushed until I had completed my masters, felt settled in my career, etc. Now I’m 30 and while I don’t necessarily regret where I’m at, I do feel behind in my personal life while maybe ahead in my professional life. I wish I had been able to balance it a little better.” — TammoTussock

“Thinking you need to have it all figured out. Your 20s are for exploring, learning, and embracing the messiness of life. Don’t stress, it’s your adventure zone!” — Acrobatic_Nature_55

“Not understanding the value of your time. Too many jobs overwork and underpay you, taking advantage of your naivety and inexperience. Or they pull you by the nose with imaginary promises of promotion.” — Kaiserhawk

“Staying with people because you’re scared of being alone instead of working on yourself and what you want for your own life.” — PM_ME_YOUR_SUBURBS

“Giving into fear. Not taking a leap that could open unknown opportunities.” — sweetanddownlow

“Thinking you are an adult and know everything and will never change from how you are in this moment. There is so much more growing and learning to be had.” — mezasu123

“Not taking health and body maintenance seriously. Brush teeth, wear sunscreen, don’t pull all nighters regularly, exercise some, show moderation when it comes to drug and alcohol use, give yourself time to heal when you get hurt, try to develop a regular sleep schedule, eat balanced servings of food. Small things like this can help keep your body working properly well into older age. Once you turn upper 30s/40s, your body doesn’t rebound from injury and illness that well anymore. And you start getting punished for skipping out on taking care of yourself, except it never gets better.” — blackmobius

“Not saving enough money for the future. Many 20-somethings spend every dollar they have without thinking about their long-term goals or emergencies. This can lead to financial stress and debt later on. It is important to have a budget and a savings plan that suits your income and lifestyle.” — AbleSecond5408

“Not enjoying your life. While it is important to be responsible and ambitious in your 20s, it is also important to have fun and enjoy yourself. Your 20s are a time when you can explore the world, try new things, and discover yourself. You should not let fear, doubt, or pressure hold you back from pursuing your passions and happiness.” — AbleSecond5408