12 Movie Mistakes That Never Should Have Made It To Film
Tima Miroshnichenko

12 Movie Mistakes That Never Should Have Made It To Film

Transformers Rise of the Fallen has a scene that breaks my brain so much I’ve had to check to make sure it was real about a dozen times. They go to the National Mall in Washington DC at night. They find the jet that turns out to be an old transformer. He breaks through a wall and then they are at the airplane graveyard in Tucson, AZ during the day. I don’t care that there isn’t a bunch of planes outside in Washington DC. Movie magic and all that. But we literally go from night to mid-day and from Washington DC to the freaking middle of the desert.” — Jayrodtremonki

“In Cannonball Run, they spend a good 10 minutes explaining that the racers are all starting at different times. The winner will be the one who completes the race in the shortest time, which is NOT necessarily the first team to finish. At the end they ignore this, and give the trophy to the first team to finish.” — Kramer512

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. One of the dangers they encounter is huge chunks of ice coming down and hitting them. Ice floats.” — Mackheath1

“In the original 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, you can see the actor inside Donatello’s costume.” — Danny_Disco

The Fast and the Furious has the line, ‘Granny shifting, not double clutching like you should.’ Why the hell would you double clutch during a drag race? Just proved the writers had no clue about cars, much less racing them.” — Ill_Criticism_1685

“In Behind Enemy Lines, the pilot is able to walk a great distance in able to reach a specific point for radio communication. It’s a spot marked on his map for just such emergencies. During the radio transmission he has to go silent because enemy forces are close by. After cutting chatter the admiral gets upset and yells at someone to ‘triangulate’ his position. Admiral sir… You already know where he is, why are you asking to know where he is?” — Desdraftlit

Diamonds are Forever featured a car two-wheeling entering an alley on one side of the car and exiting two-wheeling on the opposite side. They didn’t even try to fix it in post.” — redditusernamehonked

“In Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts is eating breakfast at the fancy hotel. She’s eating a croissant. Cut to Richard Gere. Cut back to Julia, she’s eating a pancake.” — Bigstar976

“In Home Alone. When Kevin is eating his macaroni and cheese meal, the clock rings 9, then cuts to Kevin blowing out the candles. When the bandits come in, there’s a completely different microwavable dinner on the table.” — ThatsRobToYou

Die Hard when the ambulance is inside the truck at the end but wasn’t inside it in the beginning.” — Lehmanaders

“In both Castaway and War of the World‘s (2005) there are scenes of a crashed aircraft where the engine blades are still spinning/rotating. Such blades are, if course, extremely precision balanced, and there is no way in hell their rotation is going to survive a crash violent enough to destroy the airframe, no matter how cool it might look on film.” — druu222

“In The Mummy 2 when Rick is carrying his son through the jungle to reach the pyramid before the sunrise hits the diamond at the top. The sunlight is hitting the ground first somehow instead of starting at the top, like a normal sunrise.” — Symnestra