12 Major Plot Holes In Famous Movies That You Never Noticed
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12 Plot Holes In Famous Movies You Never Noticed

“Green Goblin wants to know who takes photos of Spiderman when the photos literally say ‘Peter Parker’ in the Bugle.” — thelegend90210

“I love the MCU, but one plot hole I’ve seen in the movies comes from Ant-Man. In the beginning of the movie, Hank Pym explains that when you use the Pym particles to shrink, you have the same mass. This way, when Scott shrinks to an inch tall and punches someone in the face, it’s like being punched by a grown man, even though he’s very small. Anyway, fast forward and there’s a scene where Hank reveals that he has a tank on his keychain that he shrunk using the Pym particles. If this is the case, then how was Hank carrying the tank around if it still has its same mass? He shouldn’t physically be able to carry it.” — PokemonGirl77

“Disney’s Hercules. Hades would have been able to check to see if Hercules actually died very easily. Heck, he was probably eagerly waiting to watch Herc’s soul end up in the Underworld. Pain and Panic could NOT have gotten away with that lie.” — TheRealPyroGothNerd

“How did a display airplane have fuel in the last Wonder Woman movie? Not to mention, how they showed that the plane became untrackable just because Diana made it invisible. I really needed to suspend my disbelief there.” — IamNobody85

Cinderella, she is told by the fairy godmother that everything will turn back to what it originally was at midnight. Her dress, carriage, and horses do so why don’t her glass slippers?” — JadenRuffle

“In Back to the Future. Doc paints a line on the road so Marty will hit the wire and get the lightning bolt into the flux capacitor at exactly the right time. The movie even says Doc has adjusted for wind resistance etc. BUT when Marty goes to drive the car won’t start. The alarm clock goes off and he is still stalled. So technically Marty leaves late yet still hits the wire on time. So Doc’s math was wrong and no one said a word. If the car had not stalled, Marty would have been too early, missed the lightning bolt, crashed into the movie theater and never got home.” — OneHappyPenguin

Die Hard 2. Planes were circling Dulles for hours with no place to land. Except, in that particular area, they are no more than a half hour from a dozen different airports.” — GiddyUp18

“Why would Skynet send its more advanced Terminators to the points in time when Sarah and John knew they might come after them?” — RepealMCAandDTA

“In Finding Nemo there is never a lid on the fish tank so the pelican could have saved them all anytime he liked.” — newskycrest

Halloween 1978. How the fuck does Michael know how to drive a car after sitting in an asylum for 20 years? How does no one in the town notice the creepy guy in a mask driving around town in a stolen car with an identifiable decal on the side? Still a masterpiece.” — JoshTho

“In Cars during the one-on-one race between Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson. The policeman reads out the rules and literally says, ‘No lollygaggin’. What does Doc do? He friggin lollygags as Lightning speeds away! So even though Lightning falls into the cacti and has to be towed out, Doc should already have been disqualified from the race! Lightning wins, he gets to fill up with gas and leave Radiator Springs, leaving Doc to fix the road.” — NoMereRanger73

“Every Christmas movie that centers around Santa being real and adults not believing in him. Who is actually leaving the presents? Because if it’s the parents, then Santa isn’t doing his job, but if it’s Santa, where on earth do the parents think the presents are coming from??” — MBS_RL