12 Men Share Why They Turned Down A Second Date With A Girl

12 Single Guys Share Why They Turned Down A Second Date

“Went to dinner. She was on her phone the entire time texting. Even when we were talking. Figured she was just in it for a free dinner cause really what’s the point of agreeing to date if you’re not going to try to get to know the person” — [deleted]

“This one girl told me she was giving me a chance because a mutual friend said I was nice. She was totally out of my league and we both knew it, but she insisted on acting like it was a favor to go out to dinner with me. If she’s not actively happy about seeing me, I don’t really want to see her either.” — Sawses

“She rolled her eyes when I said she looked nice. (She had put in a lot of effort.) Criticized where I chose to eat. Complained about the music we went to see. I spent the whole date anxious, assuming that she was hating every moment – because, you know, she didn’t have anything positive to say about anything. Then I get: ‘I had a good time! Let’s do this again.’ Nah I’m good. I’ve got enough negativity and mixed signals coming from my own brain. I don’t need that coming from the outside too.” — [deleted]

“She never asked a single question about me. So frustrating.” — torchic_for_dinner

“She didn’t even bring her wallet to the restaurant. I would have offered, and obviously ended up paying, but that level of presumptuousness was an immediate turn off.” — ThatOneRussian

“Constantly talking about how awful her ex was.” — [deleted]

“When she asked me for my birthday then proceeded to tell me everything that was wrong with me as a person based solely on my horoscope.” — ClairvoyantHaze

“I once went to a movie as a first date with a girl (her idea; bad idea). She got there late and the movie had already started. She then wanted to talk during the movie in the middle of the crowded theater. I didn’t shush her or anything, but everything was a one-word answer, trying to end the conversation. She got up halfway through and said I was obviously not interested in her. She was right.” — pzycho

You’d have to get rid of your cat. That was the end of that. Actually had two women tell me I’d have to get rid of my cat, pretty much immediately. Fuck you, a cat is a life commitment.” — scamperly

“I went on a date with a lady I met online. She talked about three things on this date and little else. Her pets. Her ex. The last time she had gastro. There was no second date.” — Bangersss

“Teeth as black as the night. She didn’t have any diseases or syndromes but simply no time to brush her teeth. For the record, her photos didn’t show her teeth.” — Nito_BlessSource

“Claimed that she was seeing other guys just to use them for free drinks, their pool, their car was nice, etc. Noped out real quick.” — Iang718