12 Tearjerker Movies For When You Need A Good Cry

The Mist. Yeah, it’s horrifically ironic to the point of being beautiful. People so often throw around phrases like ‘fate worse than death,’ but the movie actually created a situation where death would have been a merciful alternative.” — Melenduwir

Million Dollar Baby. Yeah, there’s no tiptoeing or silver lining, it’s just brutally honest ‘your life can completely change in a split second and sometimes there is no happy ending.’” — xMCioffi1986x

No Country for Old Men. Such a good commentary on how sometimes, despite effort, motivation, and ethical behavior, good people lose and shitty people face no consequences. Amazing film and the monologue at the end by Tommy Lee Jones is fantastic.” — kryotheory

Seven. This is the one that popped into my head right away. That was horrible. Definitely no warm and fuzzy feels with that ending.” — Cynthus68

Stand By Me. Listening to narrator talk about how friends fade into obscurity and only memories remain becomes more relatable every time I watch it.” — RabbiCartman

Memento is a singular movie to me where I thought it was brilliant and I never want to watch it ever again.” — Rogue_Like

Bridge to Terabithia. I saw that movie as a kid and rewatched it last year and again I cried like a bitch.” — DarkZek22

The Green Mile. I showed my wife The Green Mile while we were dating. She was so devastated by the end she immediately told me off for making her watch it. And this is not a woman who is generally affected by films in that way. That was a good 15 years ago and to this day, if she hears Cheek to Cheek by Fred Astaire she gets misty eyed.” — ArtlessOne

My Girl. Saw that movie in the theater. No one expected that. They thought it was going to be another comedy from that kid in Home Alone. My biggest memory from that movie was walking up the aisle and seeing kleenex all on the ground from people wiping their tears.” — Professional-Text495

“The original Mad Max. SPOILERS: Society is still fucked. Max has lost his wife and son. The last couple of shots are him just driving off with that thousand-yard stare into the lawless outback… It’s very understated, but it lets you know that he’s not at all sated by having taken out Toecutter and his gang and he becomes the ‘shell of a man’ as described in the introduction of the sequel.” — sweetpapisanchez

Remember Me. I randomly came across it in a subscription service many years ago and decided to put it on. Wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did, and sure as hell wasn’t expecting that ending. Fuck.” — IAmBagelDog

The Land Before Time. That’s a tragedy for those poor dino kids. Heck. That movie even reminds me of my dead pets. To top it off, the melancholic tone of ‘If We Hold On Together’ by Diana Ross as its main theme. It gets me every time.” — imprctcljkr