12 Warning Signs You’re Going To Burn Out Before 2022 Ends

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12 Warning Signs You’re Going To Burn Out Before 2022 Ends

You need to be careful with how much you take on at once or you’re going to exhaust yourself. Since you don’t want to burn yourself out by the end of 2022, here are some real people on the signs that prove they’re coming close to burning out:

“Earliest sign? Probably being annoyed at message notifications. I like my friends a lot, and I like hearing from them, so when I suddenly don’t want to be ‘bothered’, it’s a very early sign that I’m depressed and about to isolate myself.” — Kangaroodle

“I put off getting out of bed in the morning for as long as possible, either in an attempt to return to a dream that’s better than my reality, or just to put off confronting the day because I don’t want to deal with it. If that happens, I know I’m not going to have a good week. Then I stop eating and start napping a lot.” — PsychedelicHamster

“When I start having paranoid thoughts like ‘they all think I’m annoying’ or ‘no one likes me.’ They lead to me avoiding leaving the house or doing things I normally enjoy.” — gryri

“Kind of gross, but not showering or brushing my teeth. It’s weird because it’s not even intentional. I’ll wake up one morning and be like ‘when was the last time I brushed my teeth… Oh. I should probably do that.’ Then it’s like 50/50 whether or not I even do.” — [deleted]

“Sex drive diminishes. It’s my barometer. It’s the first thing to go when depression looms and the first sign it’s over when it springs back.” — [deleted]

“When I have no appetite. Things start getting bad when the desire to eat just leaves me.” — KatyLiedTheBitch

“For me, when I realize that things start to get to me more easily than usual. Like, small things such as not unlocking my car the first time or something as small as forgetting my earbuds in my apartment. That’s how I know when I’m about to plummet in emotional and mental well-being.” — AgentStreak19

“I lose my sense of humor. As soon as that happens I know I need to take a mental health day STAT.” — RufMixa555

“Indifference to what I usually love. I hate this. Have you ever had the drive to do something that you love, but with this indifference? It seems like thats been me for a while now. It sucks because I’m experiencing what should be fun new experiences that I won’t ever have again, but don’t really feel much from them, even though I know I should. Like I get blips where it clicks, but then it just goes away as quickly as it appeared.” — Woefinder

“Staying up really really late. I always stay up late but I have a rule to go to bed at 3am. Not later. When I start to let go of that rule, I know I’m heading towards my doom.” — Sticky-Sticker

“No matter how much sleep I get, I’m still tired.” — Whoneedsyou

“I can’t describe it. Something seems different… like I’m aware of something I didn’t notice before. Or if it feels like I’m suddenly missing something… Things are just off by a few degrees and I know I need to be careful and aware.” — checkmate3001