12 Ways You’re Accidentally Making Your Boyfriend Feel Insecure
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12 Ways You’re Accidentally Making Your Boyfriend Feel Insecure

“Having to initiate everything by default makes me feel like I’m not good enough for anyone to be bothered with. Like, ask me to do stuff. Ask me to talk. I get that some twat in High School told you that you were being clingy. He’s an idiot. Ignore his cruel words. He has no idea what he lost.” — Spades_Neil

“Talking about her attraction to men that are physically nothing like me in a way that I can’t attain. I can’t be taller. I can’t be less bald. On some level she wants someone, in some way, that I can never be even if she finds me enough…” — myrotiisround

“This happens right now to me frequently: Habitually negating my opinion or statement in some small way. ‘It’s supposed to get up to 38 degrees today.’ Reply: ‘No, it’s not supposed to get past 35.’ This is something extremely tiny, and in isolation, it’s perfectly fine. I am wrong at times, and I can accept that just fine. But when every single thing I say has to be immediately countered in some way, apparently to the point that it’s now just out of habit…well, you’ve lost my respect, I’ve lost interest in engaging with you, and our relationship isn’t likely to survive.” — virgilreality

“Throwing casual insults at me. Society thinks we are tough and don’t give a shit but it gets me questioning myself at 3am.” — Unlucky_Buffalo_9873

“When in a relationship and your SO isn’t ever really in the mood. You know they aren’t cheating they just don’t have the same sex drive, which I know they can’t help. However, after a certain period of a dry spell you start feeling insecure like, is something wrong with me? Am I not good at the deed? Are you not attracted to me anymore? Did I do something wrong???” — Wisdomseeker3

“Lying about what you’re feeling is a really fucking quick way to make your partner insecure as hell. ‘I’m great and I really enjoyed <activity>’ and then a couple weeks later ‘actually I really didn’t, but I didn’t want you to feel bad.'” — Karazl

“Lack of reciprocation. Not necessarily an insecurity thing, but I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t make me feel some type of way when you show affection, give assurances/reassurances, but then don’t really receive that in return. It’s not always necessary, but sometimes it’s just nice to know that you’re on the other person’s mind.” — SauerKream

“That thing when their behavior changes from being close to acting like a complete stranger overnight and you can’t figure out if you did something wrong or they just got bored” — illeatyourasss

“When my gf ogles at other men when she’s with her friends. It gets under my skin when I hear her talking about how hot some guy at Target was when she’s on the phone with her friend and they went shopping together. This is just one of many examples. I trust her not to cheat on me, but it seems like she’s really breaking her neck looking at other dudes sometimes, who are 6’2 with perfect Greek god bodies that I will never come close to having. It’s the same thing with her phone too. I don’t go out of my way to be nosy to see what she’s doing on her phone, but I notice that she’s frequently scrolling through these cringey ass thirst traps, one after another, after another. I would be lying if I said it didn’t bother me.” — theVoid1065

“Extremely mixed messages in very short time frames.” — Karazl

“Opening up about something emotional only to be brushed off or considered being too sensitive.” — Jasper-helix

“‘Be careful!’ ‘Don’t break it!’ Watch out!’ Anytime I do anything. I’m not an idiot, let me do my shit.” — Pale_Barnacle3938