These ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Theories Will Completely Change The Way You See The Show

While you wait patiently for the two-episode finale of Stranger Things Season 4 on July 1st, your brain has likely been flooded with theories. After all, so many questions are left unanswered. What song is Eddie playing in the trailer? How will they save Nancy? Will Eleven defeat Vecna? Will everyone show up in Hawkins by the end? Fans have been coming up with their own Stranger Things fan theories to answer some of these questions. Frankly, some of these seem spot-on and I have a feeling at least a few of these will be right. Don’t read ahead unless you’re caught up with Volume 1!

Eddie isn’t going to make it.

There’s lots of talk about Steve not surviving to the end of Season 4, but what about Eddie? Everyone’s favorite new character sure has an uphill battle for him when it comes to the entire town being ready to take him down. Here’s a fan theory about Eddie’s possible fate:

Nancy is not going to die, but Eddie is. We all know your favorite song can pull you out of Vecna’s curse. We see Eddie shredding on top of his trailer in the upside down. Clearly he doesn’t have Nancy’s song on tape (were CD’s around?) so he’s going to play it and she’s going to survive. They also make a huge deal about his guitar in episode 1. We also see her in the part 2 teaser trailer, but we don’t see Eddie. This, and his relative lack of options back in Hawkins, lead me to believe he’ll accidentally die saving Nancy and be attacked on top of that trailer. I mean, there’s no way the whole town is going to find out about the upside down and clear him of his “crimes” bc a dark wizard demon from another dimension is actually guilty especially if that dark wizard demon is supposed to die before the end of the season.


Max won’t make it either.

While this Twitter user has a lot of theories, her Max death theory makes the most sense. Why have Max write all those letters if they never have a reason to be read?

Will is getting the Vecna curse.

Someone on TikTok found some very telling evidence that Will might be levitating just like Max in Volume One thanks to a post from actor Noah Schnapp:

And we already know what Will’s song will be.

Will’s favorite song has already been established since the first season (and may be why he was able to survive in the upside down for as long as he did).

Music helping you get away from Vecna might not actually be the solution.

We all thought someone’s favorite song helps them wiggle out of Vecna’s grasp, but what we saw in the final episode of Volume 1 might be proof that Hawkin’s favorite teens are wrong. Here, someone points out another theory:

So as we saw that in order to evade the mind castle of Vecna one must be listening to their favorite song and a door opens up and the captured person can escape from there. But that was the actual shot in the dark. A complete guess work that miraculously worked. Why you ask?

Well how do we know that listening to ones favorite song works? Creel starts singing the song as he cuts his expose in mid. And from that song Robin and Nancy just deduces that it must’ve been that song that protected Creel’s mind from Vecna’s attack that night when all of his other family members were killed. But wait.

When it’s revealed that it’s actually Number one from Hawkins Lab who became Vecna; we see his past life story. That it was him who killed all of his family and not the demon (who he later becomes). And in his own words he went too far with his powers. He trapped his father into his nightmare and before he could kill his father he fainted. So it was number one fainting due to his power overwhelming his mind that saved Creel and not the damn song that was playing on the radio. These kids got REALLY LUCKY with this “Musical Solution.”


Miss Kelly, the high school counselor, is a massive traitor.

Of all the theories I’ve seen, this one is the coolest. Check out what some eagle-eyed fans have come up with:


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We’ll find out who Eleven’s real dad is, and it’s…

Okay, I’m not going to say it just in case you don’t want this very plausible theory to spoil the end. But if you’re curious, check out the theory of Eleven’s parentage:


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♬ original sound – JustTheNobodys

The fate of the asylum will come up soon.

It turns out the asylum where Victor Creel lives is a real place. Well, it was. But one reddit user found out some interesting info about the former asylum that might come up in Season 5:

So, I was looking up history about Penhurst asylum after I finished season 4 and, a lot of horrific stuff happened there. But one thing that caught my attention was that in closed down in 1987 a year after season 4 and, will probably be the year for season 5 but, what I’m getting at once the asylum is shut down how will it affect Victor Creel and, will he be able to live somewhere or go to a different prison? What do guys think?


Robin will finally find love.

And it will be with an unlikely (but totally awesome) person:

Vecna steals other people’s trauma.

Everyone’s favorite orderly explained that he takes other people’s power when he kills them. But how? Here’s a clever theory on what he’s actually siphoning:

So as Number 1, he said that he realized his psychokinetic power gets stronger when he thinks about memories that make him sad or angry.

The red smoky area that Max gets to and Vecna doesn’t expect her in is believed to be Vecna’s mind. It is also where his victim’s minds are put.

I think he targets people with trauma, not to free them, but rather to take their trauma and put in his mind so that he could have more traumatic memories to draw power from.


Eleven will win with the power of love.

How will the big showdown go down? Here’s a theory:

There’s also going to be a final showdown of Vecna vs 011 where 011 overpowers him because she gets strength from good memories and feelings of love, unlike Vecna.

Reminiscent of Harry Potter vs Voldemort, Luke vs Vader etc

When Vecna was telling 011 to think of bad memories it instantly made me think of Palpatine saying “let the hate flow through you”


And Mike will have a big part in that.

There’s something Mike hasn’t told El. Now’s his time!