13 Best Jobs For Introverts (With Barely Any Social Interaction)

13 Best Jobs For Introverts (With Barely Any Social Interaction)

“Audiobook Proofreader. Headphones on and staring at screens all day. It’s AWESOME.” — CurrentlyNobody

“Dishwasher. It sucks sometimes having to wash dishes for so long but I don’t have to talk to any customers, only my boss and coworkers and during a rush, everyone is focused on their tickets so no one will be talking to you unless they need a certain dish on the fly.” — Lejarwomontequadea

“Welder. Pays well, you’re rarely out of a job, and you spend your day inside your protective armor of darkness and privacy.” — Flyinpotatoman

“Freelance writer here. All my work interactions are done through online messaging. Occasionally I’ll have a zoom team meeting with a long-term client but otherwise, it’s just logging into my project dashboards, writing, posting, getting paid… lather, rinse, repeat.” — MinxTheCat1019

“Truck driver. Especially over the road driver in the U.S. I might talk to three people per day. Shipping clerk, receiving clerk, cashier at the truck stop. Some days, I can go all day without talking to another person.” — Jayson_Bonz

“I actually plant trees for a living, it’s very peaceful and very little social interactions, 80% of the time in located in bush areas, the plants/trees are usually all set out ready we just grab what we want to plant that day and fill out out book with a pot tally based on how much we plant. I only ever have to report to my sites manager at start and finish of shift (unless I have a question) which happens to be a very close friend so it’s very suited to my unsocial habits.” — Dreads666

“I clean hotel rooms. I just clean while listening to music, audiobooks, and YouTube essays for six hours. I don’t have to talk to anyone. It’s great! NEVER going back to customer service jobs!” — YokiDokiPanic

“It may not pay as well as most of these jobs listed, but being an overnight baker is something I always recommend to my shy friends. You work alone, no manager breathing down your neck (they just call to check if you’re okay and if you need anything), you can listen to music on a speaker and the smell of the bakery as your shift goes on is really wonderful. Oh, and no traffic on the way home as well. Traffic going to work depends on what time you want to start as well, which is another plus – you can come to work whenever you’d like as long as you complete your bake before the store opens. I like going in earlier simply because I like not being rushed just in case I make any mistakes. I love my job and genuinely look forward to each shift every day. Surprising my family with a loaf of bread every once in a while is always great too.” — CrazyRussianCake

“Letter carrier. Even if people try to stop you to talk, you can point to all of the letters and say, ‘Snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…’ and move on.” — AdmiralBofa

“When I was a custodian working through afternoon-night I could pretty much just listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and music all through my shift and I rarely had to interact with another person. Working nights was also great because most businesses were not busy during the day, I could go to appointments or go shopping without running into huge crowds of people.” — 2MegaWhats

“If you don’t like manual labor, accounting/bookkeeping is very non-social. 99% of my work interactions are by email or Slack. And nobody really bugs you in the office if you keep a spreadsheet full of numbers open on your screen. “ — fargmania

“A lot of trade jobs. For example, I know a lot of electricians who will spend hours wiring a panel or just working on something, rarely deal with customers and occasionally talk to coworkers.” — Rollthembones1989

“Warehouse logistics is, from what I’ve heard, about the most antisocial and solitary occupation anyone can do with minimal qualifications.” — JuvenileJester