Concrete Signs You Hate Your Job (And Need To Quit ASAP)
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13 Concrete Signs You Hate Your Job (And Need To Quit ASAP)

“Not caring about your work anymore. Wondering about life without your job.” — detective_kiara

“A pit of dread circulating your stomach when your alarm clock goes off in the morning. And taking your work day home with you by excessively complaining about it.” — BansheePuca

“Sitting in your car in the parking lot every day working up the willpower to actually go inside.” — GanderAtMyGoose

“The first thing you think of when you wake up everyday is, I don’t want to go to work.” — goodreadKB

“People joke about pooping on company time, but consistent stress-induced stomach problems can be a good indicator.” — BigEnergyEngineer

“A hopeless feeling when you leave, knowing you have to come back. Checking the clock every few minutes. Hiding in the bathroom to cry.” — WandererOverFog

“You hate Sundays, whatever is the last day of your weekend.” — acmethunder

“Finding any reason at all to be away from what you’re supposed to be doing. Living for breaks and meal time, anything to get an extra five minutes away from the job. Volunteering for any reason to go off and do errands, or even working off site for special assignments just to get out of the office/building for a while.” — nitestar95

“When someone asks you what you like about the job, or you ask yourself why you’re still there instead of looking for another job, and you don’t have an answer. When you’re looking at job postings every day. When you’re looking at job postings at work.” — David2022Wallace

“When your stomach hurts going there. When you don’t enjoy your spare time because you have to return to hell the next day. When all you do at home is sleep, shit, shower and eat, never time for guests. When you never talk about your job, like ever. You avoid the topic. When just the thought of the place makes you sad, you’re wasting your life at the wrong place for pennies on the dollar but can’t complain because there are no jobs available.” — No-Power1377

“Becoming irritable whenever someone randomly asks you questions regarding your job, dreading the night before having to go back to work, waking up in annoyance and disbelief of having to get ready—yet again—to go back to that awful place, hating the commute to yourself and, cursing under your breath as you pull into the parking lot and immediately become drained upon clocking in and already wanting the day to be over to go back home, or just be anywhere else but there.” — StillAnIntrovert

“For me it was: Increased purchase of lottery tickets. Buying more and more ‘comfort food’ on my way to work so I could have some pleasure in my life before entering the gates of hell.” — dougiebgood

“One life lesson I learned is many times it’s not that you hate your job, it’s you hate the people you work for. I did construction for about a decade, finding jobs with whoever had the work. I always did the same work, but for different people. It made a huge difference in whether or not I enjoyed my job. I also found out I hated where I lived, and let me tell you, that’s even bigger than your job.” — Money_Display_5389