13 Disney World Secrets That Will Change How You View The Parks

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13 Disney World Secrets That Will Change How You View The Parks

“As you approach Cinderella’s Fountain, notice that she looks sad: she’s looking down at the animals, is dressed in rags, and her face is almost hidden. Now squat down and look up from the perspective of a young child: you’ll see she’s actually smiling, and the crown device in the fountain appears to be sitting on her head. The Parks are full of things like that that appear different from a child’s perspective, because Walt designed them with young children in mind.” — castillar

“The cookies sold in the stores are shipped in pre-made. That fresh cookie smell that hits you as you walk by comes from scent machines they have strategically placed around the park.” — manaworkin

“As you pass between Worlds in DisneyWorld, pay attention to your feet. At the edge of each world, the pavement abruptly changes–Walt called them ‘sensory tickles.’ They’re there to startle you and make you look up and look around, realizing that your surroundings have changed.” — castillar

“When you take a walk down Main Street, take a good close look at the castle. You will notice that the ‘bricks’ get smaller the higher up the castle goes. The Imagineers called it the ‘forced perspective’ technique. The castle looks a little taller than it would if all the ‘bricks’ were the same size.” — MeteorCity

“Workers go around the park EVERY NIGHT and touch up anything and everything with paint if it was chipped or scratched during the day.” — ent4rent

“Employees in the park (even off the clock) can never talk about characters being played by people, in case a child overhears them.” — meanderinmandarin

“If you meet someone who says they work for Disney and you ask them if they dress up as a character and they say, ‘No, but I’m friends with Mickey,’ then they are Mickey.” — FoxyGrampa

“People keep trying to spread the ashes of dead relatives at the parks. This is supposedly very problematic on Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain. Every time it happens Disney has to shut down the ride.” — Minidooper

“Walt Disney’s ‘two finger point’ you see in all the pictures of him around the park is really a picture of him smoking, with the cigarette edited out.” — [deleted]

“One that most people know is the Hidden Mickeys. Basically there are hidden Mickey symbols all over the parks, I’ve found quite a few when I look closely enough!” — MeteorCity

“Disney World is actually on a ‘second floor.’ When you enter the park, you must walk up. This is because on the ground level or first floor is where they put their underground tunnels to transport workers secretly throughout the park. They couldn’t actually build underground tunnels since Disney World is on swampland.” — ShibaInusForever

“Why do the restrooms at animal kingdom have doors on them when the other parks don’t you ask? Well if an animal escapes, guests will be instructed to go to the nearest restroom and close and lock the door once full.” — axelmutt100

“There’s a subway sandwich shop in every park (but just for cast) and I honestly thought that was the coolest thing ever.” — caro_line_