13 Early Green Flags A New Relationship Has ‘Forever Potential’
Pavel Danilyuk

13 Early Green Flags That A Relationship Has ‘Forever Potential’

“You both thank each other for things. Even if it may be expected, showing gratitude is a big thing.” — Okiri_Maelstrom

“Honestly, even if that person is not perfect from day one, if they make a little effort and learn as they go, then it’s a great start.” — Cockwombles

“When you fight, you don’t hurt each other. You’re going to have disagreements. If you can have disagreements and not say or do something hurtful, and your significant other doesn’t say or do something hurtful, then y’all got potential.” — Neophyte_Expert

“When you hit your first speed bump and you are both willing to stick around and work it out despite how easy it would be to walk away. Then you have a green flag. Before then you’re just toeing the shallow end.” — PennySun29

“Great communication. Especially if you’re not running out of things to talk about.” — notunclejosh

“When you can have a good time in a situation not perfectly fit for it. If you’re at a carnival, obviously you’ll have a good time. But if you are at home and you can have a great time just talking to each other, then that’s a good one.” — [deleted]

“Mutual respect. Taking into account each other’s viewpoint and opinions on most things. Then you reach the next level when you both think of the other person first.” — ludicrouspeed

“Love spending time with each other and are never bored of the other person’s company.” — Nirvanaskarma

“Willingness to give and accept alone time. I’ve dated so many people that didn’t get this and it helped to end the relationship. I like video games. I like movies. Sometimes I just wanna play or watch alone and in peace. My partner gets this and is the same way. They have stuff I have no interest in. So when they want to do that stuff on their own I go game or vice versa. Too many people take this as meaning ‘he/she doesn’t want to spend time with me’ but that’s not it at all.” — JohnLocke815

“When they laugh at the same stupid shit you do. That one seems to be most important to me.” — SableShrike

“How enjoyable a relationship is is measured by its high points. How robust a relationship is is measured by its low points. Now, not having low points might seem like a good grade on the robustness side, but it actually isn’t. It means that the relationship hasn’t been tested. It might mean both sides click together really good, or that they like to avoid confrontation or that they don’t positions of their own. This doesn’t mean that they know how to handle confrontations or hardships when they do occur. Also, priorities are very important. Having fun together is easy. Giving up something for the sake of the relationship or for the other side is hard. What are they willing to give up or compromise on?” — ouatialffa

“Similar long term goals when it comes to money, kids, where you want to live etc.” — darkfatherg

“You’re able to be completely yourself and are accepted as you are. Not feeling the need to censor your beliefs, desires, feelings etc.” — twcochran