13 Fun Easter Eggs You Missed On Your Favorite Shows

13 Fun Easter Eggs You Missed In Your Favorite Shows And Movies

“It’s not exactly the most creative or anything, but I loved the episode of Friends after Courtney Cox and David Arquette got married. When she was first credited as Courtney Cox Arquette, the rest of the cast was credited as Arquettes as well.” — stephers85

“Within the DVD menu of The Ring you can watch the cursed video footage. The best part was that it disables the DVD controls, forcing you watch the footage. (But I guess you could yank the power or shut off the TV…)” — Gelgoogilly

“In The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne drives a Lamborghini Murcielago. Murcielago is the Spanish word for bat. He was driving a batmobile the whole time.” — Goatmanthealien

“In Jessica Jones, she’s having a conversation with Killgrave (played by David Tennant) about his childhood and says, ‘You’re not 10 anymore!’ Tennant played the 10th incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who.” — Idk_Whatever_I_Guess

Community. They mention Beetlejuice and on the third time he actually walks by in the background.” – Scofish91

“In the kids show Bluey, Chloe and her dad, both Dalmatians, have an address of 101.” — grimace0611

“In Free Guy, during the Guy vs Dude fight scene, Dude does the ‘arm reloading’ that Henry Cavill did in Mission Impossible. The same Henry Cavill that was Superman. In response, to defend himself, Guy pulls out Captain America’s shield. Just a quick throwaway Marvel vs DC joke. So subtle.” — Forb335y

“In Ralph Breaks the Internet, there is an ad saying, ‘Sassy Housewives wanna meet you.’ The picture used is Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6.” — DavosLostFingers

“In Monsters, Inc. Randall Boggs tells Sulley, ‘You hear that, Sullivan? It’s the winds of change.’ In Monsters University, upon meeting Randy Boggs when moving in to the dorms, a Winds of Change poster can be seen in the background.” — Evilmd

Doctor Who: in episode Face the Raven, there is text on a wall written in Aurebesh, the lettering system from the Star Wars universe. When translated into the Roman alphabet, the text spells ‘Delorean,’ the model of car famously used as the time machine in Back to the Future. These two worlds represent time and space, the fundamentals of Doctor Who.” — LR-II

Batman vs Superman: when Clark tells Perry he wants to use his position in the Daily Planet to stand for something, Perry responds ‘and so you could if it was 1938, but it’s not 1938.’ The character of Superman debuted in 1938.” — LR-II

“The Uncharted film. Hotel Guest: (on seeing Nate and Chloe coming out of the ocean) Whoa! What the hell happened to you two? Nathan Drake: Fell out of a car that fell out of a plane. Hotel Guest: Huh. You know something like that happened to me once. The hotel guest was Nolan North. The voice of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted video game series.” — RJD1977

“There’s an episode of Bones where they use an x-ray of Homer Simpson in the background. I’m not helpful enough to remember which episode/season, but it really amused me to spot it!” — Blobfish_Blues

“In the show Community, we don’t see the character named Abed during the whole episode. He just appeared in the very end saying, ‘It’s been a busy week.’ Turns out we see him throughout the whole episode helping a woman delivering a baby, in the background. From not being well, water broke, calling 911, helping her lay down, him delivering the baby, giving the baby to the parents.” — HopeSuper