13 Heartbreaking TV Breakups That Made Us Stop Believing In Love

13 Heartbreaking TV Breakups That Made Us Stop Believing In Love

Fictional breakups can be just as devastating as IRL breakups. Here are some of the worst ones we’ve seen on screen:

“Jess and Nick on New Girl. It was the point I stopped watching the show, they spent all this time building it up and building up their dynamic, just for the writers to get bored with it super fast and end it on trite nonsense. It undermined everything the show had previously done.” — NeonJohn3

“Robin and Barney on How I Met Your Mother, all just so Robin could be with Ted. Let’s spend a whole season setting up Robin and Barney to get married only to end it 15 minutes later so we can setup the ending we wrote seven years ago that doesn’t fit these characters at all anymore.” — MagicTheAlakazam

“Haley and Andy from Modern Family. I get that Adam Devine is a busy actor but they still could have Haley mention him once in awhile and Haley and Andy could easily have done Skype. They were literally only together for five minutes and they broke up.” — Bikinigirlout

“Chuck and Sarah from Chuck. The finale pissed me off so much. Why couldn’t they have a happy ending?” — allenidaho

“I was bummed about Andy and Erin on The Office. They’re well matched and the writers made Andy a jackass for no reason.” — Moobs16

“PARKS AND REC SPOILER: I remember being reallyyy torn up when Ben and Leslie broke up. And then even more emotional when they said fuck it, and got back together.” — Petite_rouge_gorge

“Hyde and Jackie were amazing. The showrunners can get out of here with that Jackie and Fez bull.” — [deleted]

“Shawn and Angela on Boy Meets World for me. I still can’t believe they stayed broken up.” —Jiktten

“Callie and Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy. It was one of the first mainstream same sex relationships on prime time TV and I loved that it showed romance, not just two girls who are friendly but implied they’re sexual.” — ljaffe19

“Flame princess breaking up with Finn in Adventure Time. I know it’s a cartoon and all, but I felt really depressed after seeing that happening.” — LG_tech

“Probably Dev and Rachel from Master of None, the breakup just felt so personal and real. It just goes to show even the best of relationships can end.” — accionic

“Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. I was so into that series so when she left I was totally devastated!” — Banjoklaus

“Pimento and Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn 99. They were so perfect together, I loved them.” — kosherkitties

“This is a movie, but in Closer, when Natalie Portman’s character find’s out about Jude Law and Julia Robert’s affair. I swear to god Natalie Portman’s character is ripped off from my life. She tells Jude Law to go make her a tea, and then just leaves without a word. He does see her again some years later, but she leaves him for good after that because he never really loved her.” — enchantedprincess