13 Horror Movies That Had No Right To Be So Great, According To Fans

It’s often obvious when a horror movie’s going to be good. The trailers are sufficiently spooky, or it’s made by a name you trust. Then there are the movies that look like they’ll be absolute trash. Most of the time, they are. But sometimes we get a gem of a horror movie that should have been terrible, but turned out great. Recently, horror superfans listed their picks for horror movies that had no right to be as good as they were. Time for a movie night!

Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

Ouija: Origin of Evil

For me it’s Ouija: Origin of Evil, Mike Flanagan knocked it out of the park considering it was a sequel for a subpar horror film that nobody really thought warranted a sequel.


Curse of Chucky (2013)

Curse of Chucky

Omg Curse of Chucky was an insanely good return to form for the Child’s Play franchise!


Cube (1997)


Literally one set, just different lighting. No monsters, no real setup, no real answers, but it’s great at building tension both between the characters and the world but also amongst the characters themselves.


Grave Encounters (2011)

Grave Encounters

It’s a pretty generic horror movie with characters you see in every movie of the genre, cliche story and place yet I really enjoyed it. I think atmosphere did it for me. Second movie wasn’t as good but I think it’s still a good one.


10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Michelle in 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE; by Paramount Pictures

Has a total bad ass female character. Loved 10 Cloverfield Lane.


Ghost Ship (2002)

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship really is a wicked amount of fun.


Thir13en Ghosts (2001)

13 Ghosts

I adore 13 Ghosts. That’s the one I used to introduce my kids to horror. It’s a good starter movie!


House of Wax (2005)

House of Wax

I mean, Paris Hilton is in it. Didn’t expect it to be good but I really enjoy this film.


As Above So Below (2014)

As Above So Below

I actually enjoyed As Above So Below. It got horrid reviews but I think for what it was it was enjoyable.


Hell House LLC (2015)

Hell House LLC

Hell House LLC made me reconsider the found footage genre. That movie was such a surprise to me and that clown gave me nightmares. Nothing gives me nightmares. I found out it was filmed at a haunted attraction in Lehighton, PA and took a road trip and checked the place out. Very creepy, even in the off season.


Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea is fantastic. It’s like the Poseidon Adventure(original not remake) with sharks. I was incredibly impressed.


Happy Death Day (2017)

Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day. I went in to it not thinking much of it and was laughing the whole time.


The Exorcist III (1990)

The Exorcist III

How the hell does the third entry in a franchise become one of my all time favorite horror movies? I’ve seen it way more than first one. Honestly, the first one is too gross for me. And all I can think about is poor little Linda Blair getting her back fucked up from being violently shaken on a board. Three has legitimate scares to it. Old people crawling on the ceiling is shudders.