13 Men On The Moment They Realized Their Girlfriend Would Become Their Wife

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13 Men Reveal The Moment They Realized Their Girlfriend Would Become Their Wife

When you’re meant to be together, you just know. But sometimes that realization hits you out of nowhere. Here are some men on the exact moment they realized their girlfriend would become their wife:

“We were talking on the phone while she was on her break at work, and I accidentally slipped a when we’re married with kids in the conversation. I just meant in general or as a joke or something. But then I realized that’s actually what I wanted.” — [deleted]

“I hate being late. I was raised to respect people’s time. My wife realized that trying to finish drying her hair would make us late so she got dressed, we got in my car, she turned on the heater and finished drying her hair on the way to our engagement. That was the moment.” — run66

“We spent a day in her place trapped inside by a hurricane. Shots of vodka led to discussing plans for the future, and then came the realization that we wanted to have that future together.” — HarveyBalls

“I was in a small town in Eastern Pennsylvania watching the casket of my friend who had just lost her battle with brain cancer be lowered into the ground. She was 27. My girlfriend of four years hadn’t made the trip, she was back on the west coast. As I thought about my friend’s life I also thought about my own and the people I love. I flew home the next day and went and bought a ring the day after that. Life is short, I want to make sure I take advantage of the time I have.” — ThaUniversal

“We were neighbors for a while. One day I was playing Unreal or something, and she came over to see what I was up too, and (as a reaction previous relationships had instilled in me) I immediately stop playing and pay attention to her. She just leans over kisses me on the forehead and says ‘Get going! I just came to see what you were up too.’ One of my roommates was passing by when this interaction took place and wide-eyed he says, ‘Your girlfriend just told you to go back to playing video games.” Pointing wildly at the both of us he then shouted “YOU! You keep her!’ It seemed sound advice from someone who was, and remains a great friend, so I followed through.” — Firedraik

“The moment when she surprised me by coming from Australia and having my mom trick me into coming with her to the airport to pick someone up. Best moment ever!” — apuzilla

“Married my high school sweetheart. We were together almost 7 years before I proposed, and spent one of those years 1,000 miles apart incommunicado in a state of ‘non-relationship’. It was the longest year of my life. I tried (and was forced by family members) to date other people, and it just wasn’t happening. When we started speaking again, I already knew what life was like without her, and I’ll be damned if that shit was going to happen again, so we got married. 10.5 years later, it’s still pretty fucking awesome.” — [deleted]

“There was no single moment. All the little moments and things we had in common were cumulative but there was a tipping point where all those little moments added up to tell me that I had to stop fucking around and do it. This may sound stupid but we have the same favorite dinosaur. The stegosaurus. I think we both already knew but that sealed the deal.” — [deleted]

“We had dated for about 4 months when my mother dropped the bombshell on me one night that my biological father died of colon cancer, a man I never even met. Also the man I called dad for all these years wasn’t real father. She felt compelled to finally tell me. My GF now wife, got into my truck and we drove like a bat out if hell to Lake Ponchartrain in New Orleans as we set down on the banks I began to cry and she pulled out 2 40oz of King Cobra Malt Liquor from her purse. I drank them down crying so confused on my whole life. Then out of the blue she mounted me and we began to make love there on the banks. I knew I had to marry her. Been married 6 years. Two kids as well. I am the real father!” — [deleted]

“It may sound cheesy, but I knew the first moment I saw her. That was twenty years ago. It took us 18 years to get there, during which we both moved around the country. I got married and divorced in that time. And now I’ve married the girl I fell in love with when I was 15, we have a baby boy. And life is about as good as I could imagine it being. (Knock on wood).” — Murphdog024

“For me, the moment came when I had this vicious stomach virus. I stayed home from work, and when she came home, I went to get up a fart slipped out and I shit the bed. It was wet, stinky, brown, and it sucked. She just laughed at me, and cleaned the bed up while I was in the bathroom blasting the toilet off the wall. That’s when I knew.” — poaauma

“I was sitting in the lunch room at work, talking with a friend of mine about my then-girlfriend. We’d only been dating a few months, but as I was talking about her, I realized that this is the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. No huge epiphany or anything, I just realized that she made me happier than anyone else ever had, and I knew that there wouldn’t be anyone else who could make me feel like that. That was a few years ago, and it’s still the best decision I ever made, by far.” — FuzzyTux

“When hanging out with her never got old. When I would spend two straight weeks around her and the next day still want to be around her all day. When it hit me that she is my best friend and that I share everything with her. When her happiness became my top priority. When realizing making her happy is what makes me happy. When I quit noticing other women.” — pologreen94