13 Men On The Love Lessons They Learned From Ex-Girlfriends
Nathan Martins

13 Men Share The Love Lessons They Learned From Ex-Girlfriends

“Never define your own self-worth by the love someone else gives you, because all people are temporary and their love will come and go but you have to live with yourself forever. Never dedicate yourself to someone who won’t reciprocate. Never let your feelings make you lose sight of your goals. Never tell yourself that they are the one; if you have to say it, then it probably isn’t true. Love with all your heart, but love with your head just as much.” — modernatlas

“Sex is nice, but if that’s all you have at the end of the day, its not a relationship — it’s an extended booty-call. Find someone who supports you and challenges you at the same time. A person that accepts who you are but also helps push you to what you can be. At the end of the day, just don’t settle.” — fly19

“If you’re not happy, and you know you’ll never be happy, get out. Don’t spend five years trying to make something work when it isn’t. Being with someone for a long time is not a reason to stay. Don’t lose the best years of your life being miserable.” — PM_UR_BOSTONTERRIER

“The only thing faking orgasms gets you is somebody you’ve trained to do stuff that doesn’t get you off.” — foxygoesfast

“Both people in a relationship need to be independently happy for a relationship to be able to succeed. When one person relies on the other for happiness, activities, etc. it is emotionally draining on both parties. Be happy with yourself before relying on somebody else to make you happy.” — BaconStorf

“Common interests can’t make up for a lack of common values.” — TheMediaSays

“If someone wants to break up with you, let them.” — snailor1

“Don’t assume that you’ll get endless chances. However much they previously loved you, if that love stops because of your actions it’s basically impossible to get it back.” — DoNotScratchYourEyes

“Don’t let your relationship become an obstacle to your personal goals. The other person might leave you, but you will always have yourself. Your happiness and sense of self-worth are in your hands, not your ex’s.” — brandnewancients

“No matter how hard you try to hold on, sometimes people just drift away. There is nothing you can do, and there is no reason to wait around. The first step is to learn to let go. But damn is it hard.” — Marrionette

“If you truly love someone, you won’t want to change them. Wanting to change them will only lead you to misery.” — [deleted]

“If you’ve been thinking something (positive or negative) about the relationship there’s a good chance s/he is too.” — WindyScribbles

“You can love someone wholeheartedly, and they can still be a great person, but that doesn’t mean they’re the right person. If, as you grow, you become different people who want different things, it’s important and okay to be able to walk away. They don’t have to do something horrible or be a total jerk to necessitate a breakup.” — ShinyRedBalloon