13 Mind Games To Kill Time When You’re Bored

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13 Mind Games To Kill Time When You’re Bored

The next time you’re bored, here are some fun games you can play on your own, in your head:

“I pretend I got stuck in the past somehow, like Back to the Future III, and try to see what things from the future I could ‘invent’ to make myself rich vs things I’m aware of but still couldn’t invent if I tried. I could probably invent a very basic George Foreman grill. I’ve figured out that much.” — aerochrome120

“I try to translate my favorite songs into different languages. Only works if you know the basics at least of a different language though. Or I plan the house I’d buy and how I’d decorate it if I were rich.” — tragicworldrecord

“The alphabet game, try to come up with something starting with each letter of the alphabet based on certain topics, for example boys names. Adam. Benjamin. Connor. When it comes to letters like Q and X some topics can become really difficult.” — [deleted]

“While driving – license plates here are mainly 3 letters and 3 numbers. Try to make the longest word you can from the three letters that starts with the first letter and contains the other two letters in the order they appear. You have from when you read the plate until you lose sight of it to come up with a word. DKG 397 = ‘Drinking’ 892 TSN = ‘Tsunami’” — PangPingpong

“I think about how I would explain ideas, concepts, or stories to an imaginary person. It’s fun, and generally a pretty useful thing to do.” — Waphlez

“Pretend I have a wildly popular cooking show/YouTube channel where I walk through the steps creating my favorite dishes.” — Ganglebot

“I make up stories about people around me and why they have some item, or why they are doing X, or whatever. One time my coworker came in with a black eye and I had 20 different backstories by the end of the day.” — Luna_LoveWell

“I try to piece together an elaborate cinematic universe that connects all the cereal mascots in the world together.” — BioShocker97

“In a car, I’ll pretend there is a stickman running beside the car and I have it jump over signs and stuff. Fun little game.” — LJR9173

“I try to guess the make and model of cars as they approach and see if I get it right. Further away the better. Also, if I start seeing a lot of the same car on the road I’ll count them on my drive. Usually only if it’s multiples of less common cars. Guess it’s not really a game but it’s entertaining.” — shakaaaabraaaa

I” sometimes think about how ridiculous the world would be if humans had giant bushy tails like squirrels to amuse myself. I could see people styling their tails to stand out, teenagers rebelling against their parents by dying their tail some crazy color. Magazines would covers like ’12 Tail Looks Perfect for Summer’ and ‘Miley Cyrus Shaves Her Tail.’ People on dating apps and websites would be listing their tail length as a new stat like they do now with height. It just cracks me up to think about how ridiculous the world would be.” — -eDgAR-

“If I had all the ingredients in the world at my disposition, I imagine what I would cook for all the people I care about in my life.” — Kaleth

“When I’m at work and bored I like to pretend I’m playing in a first person video game. All of my tasks for the day are quests/objectives. Talking with coworkers are NPC conversations/cutscenes.” — DEMACIAA