13 People Share Their Brutally Honest Opinion On Open Relationships

13 People Share Their Brutally Honest Opinion On Open Relationships

Thirteen people were asked what they would say if their partner approached them and asked to be in an open relationship. Here are their brutally honest responses:

“I wouldn’t be against it in principle. Like anything else, we’d talk about it and set up ground rules. Using protection is non-negotiable for one. Ideally, we’d also speak with each other before bringing anyone else into the relationship (or just hookups) but it wouldn’t bother me if the latter happened spontaneously so long as our main relationship remained the focus.” — omegasix321

“I would consider leaving because while open relationships work for a lot of people, my partner asking me to open would show a great misunderstanding of who I am and what I’ve been through. A big enough misunderstanding of who I am at my core that we should not be together.” — LeskoLesko

“I’d say no, but I would want to sit and have several conversations about why they wanted that and how we can retool our relationship if that’s what’s needed. It could ultimately lead to an ending, but he’s my person – I’m not throwing that away when it could be salvaged.” — pamplemouss

“I’d definitely want to break up. I’d be down for threesomes or something of that nature, but not a proper open relationship. I know myself and my jealousy too well to agree to that.” —_shes_a_jar

“I honestly would love to have the discussion with them and feel a little relieved. Due to my personal health/stress/schedule I know I am not meeting their needs fully. I also don’t like having to compromise and have a miserable time. I do, however, want their needs met and them to flourish. There would have to be some serious rules, but I definitely think it’d work out for the best. I also would love the opportunity to explore my sexuality as well. I’m perfectly fine with not ever having those experiences, but if it were an option I’d love to know. Something else I feel is important to say, especially since I haven’t seen anyone else say it: I want my partner to feel comfortable bringing ANYTHING to me. I think a healthy relationship is one where everyone feels comfortable to bring up absolutely anything without being met with hostility and ultimatums. If I haven’t done my part to foster that relationship then I have failed my partner. I think I might be gay, I think I might be trans, I think I might want to explore, I think I want to change careers, I think I want to change religions, I think my needs have changed, whatever it may be, I want to be a safe space for them.” — thealphagalgirl

“I would say no because I am not interested in sleeping with other people and I know having my partner sleep with others would not maintain our emotional bond.” — LeskoLesko

“I’d ask who he trynna fuck 🥴 and break up.” — BlackFloraz

“I’ve wondered if it would work for my partner and I at some different points, but obviously we’d need to work on fixing any serious issues in the relationship before really considering that. If we were in a healthy place in our relationship, we’d discuss the idea and what sort of boundaries we’d have, sit on it for a while to make sure it’s something we wanted, and then proceed as we’ve decided after a particular amount of time. I’ve got some poly friends that have done it successfully for years, so I don’t think it’s impossible if you’re going about it in a healthy way.” — yerfdog1935

“I would not want to take an established monogamous relationship and turn it into an open one. I’d say I’m not interested, and I would ask them if that was a deal breaker for them.” — leafyrebecca

“Let’s get the divorce papers and open it all the way up!” — jo_coltrane

“I would ask them why they suddenly want an open relationship after dating me for so long, and be honest with them. I would tell them that open relationships aren’t something I’m comfortable with because I like monogamy. If they can’t be happy with me in a monogamous relationship, then it would be over.” — sunshinerose32

“Have a long, serious talk with them about why they want it, and what their plans for our future include. I’m actually all for polyamory so long as everyone involved is there for the right reasons and is being completely open and honest about it. Do keep in mind though that the vast majority of relationships that ‘become’ open, usually fail. It really is the type of thing you have to enter into from day one with everybody on the same page.” — robyngoodfello-

“I would tell him the only person he can fuck is himself.” — sazbartz