13 Shows And Movies With Good LGBTQ+ Representation
Schitt's Creek

13 Shows And Films With Good LGBTQ+ Representation

“Ian Gallagher in Shameless. I adore Ian. He’s a great example of a character whose sexuality is an important part of who he is, but it’s nowhere near all that he is. I also love how they never dragged out his coming out story in season 1 the way the majority of other shows at the time did when a main character was a gay teen. The people closest to him found out pretty quickly, and he was comfortable enough in his own skin for it not to be a problem. It also played perfectly in opposition to Mickey’s coming out later on.” — yourenotmymom_yet

Stranger Things did really well with Robin. It wasn’t even scripted, Robin and Steve were supposed to end up together, but their respective actors felt like it would be better for Robin to be gay.” — Thomaslovesdonuts

“Kevin and Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, they are the most realistic gay couple in media, because they don’t let their sexuality define their personality, they are not gay characters, they are characters who are gay.” — Anonymousanime7

Schitt’s Creek, David and Patrick’s relationship and David’s wine analogy for pansexuality.” — brokebitchenergy

The Good Place with Eleanor, although it wasn’t confirmed it was subtly hinted at and it works really well.” — Hero_Slxsher

“David James Fisher in Six Feet Under (portrayed by Michael C. Hall). By the show’s end, he reconciles his religious beliefs, personal goals, and homosexuality, and he and Keith Charles settle down. They adopt two children. Critics have cited David Fisher as the first realistic portrayal of a gay lead male character on television, and the character is popularly regarded as one of the most beloved of the series.” — Back2Bach

“Oscar from The Office. Especially when he’s the butt of Michael’s jokes, it ends up reflecting more poorly on Michael than anyone else.” — AdmiralAkbar1

“Omar from The Wire. One of the greatest performances and most badass characters of all time.” — kay37892

“Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. Most of their relationship was behind the scenes and not made abruptly obvious, but it was a kids show and one of the first kid shows that had a bi character so I think they did okay.” — IZY2091

“Euphoria . Having a trans actor play a trans character (Hunter Schafer) and the fluidity of the sexuality of plenty of characters.” — etermon

“Ryan Murphy is really great at showing all different types of LGBT relationships. He does an amazing job of representation in his show Pose.” — kay37892

Deadpool 2. Oh look Negasonic Teenage Warhead is gay, this is completely normal let’s move on with the movie and make stupid jokes.” — Seal_Of_Danzalthar

“I will recommend a very queer franchise: Tales of the City. Specifically the new Netflix series (although the books are pretty good as well). It’s filled to the brim with queer characters, with stories that touch upon problems that exist exclusively within queer relationships, but most importantly is that it’s so universally relatable that the cishets will be able to laugh and cry and recognize themselves in all of these well-written and lovable characters. (Don’t worry, there are several straight characters as well, and they don’t fall victim to tokenism).” — emopest