13 Signs You’ll Be Broken Up By The End Of 2022

13 Signs You’ll Be Broken Up By The End Of 2022

Some relationships are only temporary. Some people are meant to part ways – and that’s okay. Here are signs that your relationship isn’t going to last until the new year and you’re going to be single again soon:

“You find yourself not bringing up that you have a SO when you’re having conversations with the opposite sex.” — [deleted]

“When you get home, you find yourself sitting in your car, just taking a few extra minutes and some deep breaths before you go inside. Unless you have kids; if you have kids this is totally normal.” — jesusyouguys

“You hesitate to make future plans with them.” — Hii6212

“The person you’re dating has undergone an apparently permanent shift in demeanor toward you. Everyone has those days during which they might come across as cold or easily annoyed, but when a person seems to maintain their negative mood for an extended length of time, it’s often a warning sign that they’re getting sick of you. The change in sentiment can be prompted by any number of things – maybe they just don’t like you as much, or maybe they met someone else – but although it’s tempting to focus on that catalyst, the end result is the important part.” – RamsesThePigeon

“Sex becomes a chore.” — SilentOneBravo

“Both affection and arguments have been replaced by apathy (on both sides). Fights, at least on their own, aren’t necessarily omens of an impending split. After all, we tend to be most angered by the people for whom we have the strongest feelings. When those same feelings start to evaporate, though, it’s usually an indicator that neither party really cares about the other anymore.” — RamsesThePigeon

“When you miss the memories more than your partner.” — philip-che

“From personal experience I would have to say when I find that I am unable to relax around my current partner. If I feel on edge because I’m nervous that we are going to get into an argument or I have to be on my best behavior to make you want to hang out with me then we are headed for a breakup. I broke up with my last ex when I realized that my hands were shaking once I got in my car after hanging out.” — mani_mani

“When spending time together feels like a chore, not a pleasant afternoon. Of course, some time apart is normal and healthy. I’m specifically talking about a sense of dread that wasn’t present beforehand.” — PlinyPompei

“When you’re spying on someone because you think they are cheating.” — MissSara24

“When your SO goes out of their way to find differences between the two of you. This can be a subtle one, but I have noticed it in almost every breakup I’ve had. For example, you watch a movie and you think your SO might like it, so you say, ‘Hey, check out X, it’s your sort of movie.’ When things are going well, they might say, ‘Oh, ok’ but just before the breakup they are looking to put psychological distance between you, so it ends up turning into, ‘Oh, that’s really not the kind of movie I like.’ It’s subtle, but I think it happens when people are trying to justify going out with someone else. They try to find as many differences between themselves and their current partner to make it seem like it’s not a good fit, and they find more and more similarities with the new partner. Of course, this is just a general pattern. If it happens one time don’t think your SO is gonna break up with you tomorrow.” — helpfuljap

“When you look at him or her and think…s/he’s an asshole daily. Or you describe then to friends as an asshole. It’s time to go.” — Angling43

“Sudden silence is never a good sign.” — Surprisedtohaveajob