13 Subtle Signs Of A Narcissist
Resat Kuleli

13 Subtle Signs Of A Narcissist

Narcissists can make your world much more stressful than it’s supposed to be, which is why you probably won’t want to keep them in your circle. Here are subtle signs you’re dealing with a narcissist:

“You can never do anything right in their eyes. You’re always walking on eggshells to avoid arguments but they always find a way to start one, then blame you for it.” — Jackattack111888

“A flash of anger behind their eyes when you show up looking especially nice, they hear you say something intelligent/educated, or achieve any kind of success.” — Boots_Turtle917

“Self-victimizing. What about me? How could you do this to me? Poor me.” — fallriver1221

“What really sets narcissists apart from just arrogant assholes is the way they view people. It isn’t just a lack of empathy. Everybody in their life is a potential source of admiration or attention on them. A narcissist will see a coworker get hurt and get jealous. Then fake a similar injury to get that attention while not making it bad enough to need serious medical attention, potentially revealing their ruse. Narcissists lie a lot. They will make up whole parts of their lives and tell them to everyone, to the point that they almost believe it themselves making it really hard to tell they’re lying. Narcissists are usually very intelligent because they use people in complex ways to serve their goals.” — Limp-Ad-2939

“They are very good manipulators. They will gaslight you into thinking you’re wrong and they are right.” – GalaxyLatteArtz

“They never seem to care when you tell them news about you or somebody else. Then they try to one up the news with something about them.” — BurghFinsFan

“They are energy vampires. They constantly make you feel horrible and drain the energy of everyone else around you as well. Not at all a good person to be around. You can feel the negativity radiating off of them.” — GalaxyLatteArtz

“Every bad relationship they’ve been in is entirely the other person’s fault. Often, they’ll project narcissism as the reason too, so it’ll be a hilarious thing where they’ll talk about 5 relationships that ended badly and every single SO was ‘a huge narcissist.’ Pot, kettle, etc.” — martinsonsean1

“They are not able to take criticism in any way, shape, or form. And will try to turn it around on you. To a shocking degree. Oh, you asked them to close the door, they will say there was no door. And who the hell are you for even asking?” — Get_me_Billie

“Love bombing, creating a false sense of intimacy, not respecting boundaries” — xokottonkandie

“Their manipulation and gaslighting often looks VERY MUCH like smooth charm and sweetness, be on your guard when overly outgoing, seemingly friendly people approach you.” — produkt921

“I’ve noticed they’ll be obstinate about a reasonable request and might deliberately do the opposite someone asks of them just to show they’re in control and not taking orders from anyone. Ask a narcissist to shut the door or the cupboards or put the lid down if they don’t do it themselves already? Not likely to ever happen. Or they’ll use some twisted logic as to why they shouldn’t have to.” — InevitableError404

“The majority of narcissists have no insight into their disorder. So to a narcissist, other people will always be the issue, including every ex they’ve ever had. If you can’t take an ounce of blame or responsibility for a failed relationship, you’re showing signs of narcissism.” — ProjectingReflektion