13 Things Only Humans Who Had A Rough Childhood Can Understand
Elijah O'Donnell

13 Things Only Humans Who Had A Rough Childhood Will Understand

Your childhood can shape so much of your adult life. Even if you’ve actively been trying to heal and overcome your past, your baggage can stay with you. Here are some subtle signs that someone probably had a rough childhood:

“They apologies habitually, compulsively, and for everything. Even for things that have nothing to do with them.” — Roarlando

“Insanely independent. They’ve learned not to trust anyone to help them so do everything themselves.” — [deleted]

“Insecurity. My Psychology professor used to joke that, ‘Psychology is the study of common sense.’ When someone is insecure, it is generally because they lacked security as a child. Parental love was typically conditional and varied depending on the caretaker’s mood. The child becomes insecure due to love not being guaranteed, so to ‘earn’ this basic need, they will go throughout life trying to ‘solve social puzzles’ that don’t exist. Solving imaginary puzzles all the time can prove to be fatiguing, so these individuals tend to isolate themselves.” — squeeeeenis

“Total inability to accept compliments.” — WhingeBinge

“Being very calm and collected in serious/emergency situations. Having to deal with stressful stuff all my life has made me very capable in tense situations. (This could go the complete opposite way too btw just my experience). Many of my friends have me listed as their emergency contacts instead of their parents because they’re like, ‘I know that you can actually help instead of just flip out.’” — killerrainbows

“Self-isolating. Stops contacting friends for seemingly no reason (due to feelings of inferiority/worthlessness).” — WhingeBinge

“Haphephobia, or the fear of being touched, is definitely one of them. And flinching at loud noises or quick movements. “ — HelloMissMurphy

“If they subconsciously memorize the sound of everyone’s footsteps. You can tell that someone has done this when they know you’re nearby to ask for something without looking, or even around a corner, or what have you. Not just ‘identify family members’ footsteps, that’s pretty easy to do if you live with them a long time, but if they can readily identify everyone around them, even just coworkers, based on their footsteps? At a minimum they’ve got some serious anxiety running in their brain 24/7 making them worry about who might that be and what might they want so they’ve learned to discern who it is.” — Valatros

“When things get tense, they move and breathe very silently and are hyper aware of everything that is happening and everyone else’s actions. I find that they also read people very well, but still have poor judgement when it comes to close relationships.” — magpai

“Someone who rarely shares what happens at home or talk about their family.” — UndoMyWish

“People-pleasing behaviors (class clown; always agrees with others).” — WhingeBinge

“Having the ability to function as their own parent at a young age. Talking like an adult at a young age. Anything else that shows they had to grow up fast.” – Hopelesleeoptimistic

“Seeming like they have it all together and definitely don’t need any help from anyone. Oh something serious is happening, make a joke! Oh your anxiety is debilitating? Better go isolate yourself because god forbid you let anyone know you’re struggling and that you could use some support!” — [deleted]