13 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Grew Up With Parents Who Hated Each Other

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13 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Grew Up With Parents Who Hated Each Other

Staying together for the kids is never a good idea. After all, your unhealthy relationship is going to change the way they look at love as a whole. Here are a few things you’ll only understand if you grew up with parents who hated each other:

“Anytime anyone yells, raises their voice, or shows any anger, even if it’s not directed at me, it automatically makes me jittery and anxious, and I have to leave the area.” — g0blinzez

“I always think someones mad at me if they don’t show me attention or reassurance that we’re okay.” — Potential-Effect-282

“I became extremely good at lying and hiding my emotions. I didn’t want people around me to know about my parent’s situation. It felt like I was living two different lives. One at home and one at my school and college where I pretended everything was okay. “ — blackpinto

“It’s hard to imagine that the person I am with actually wants to be with me. You are always looking for or thinking about the future by yourself and last but not least, you carry with you thoughts about what life would have been like had they divorced. Also, unless you deal with it and really come to terms with what you witnessed you could easily find yourself repeating history.” — cloudydaysahead

“I grew up thinking it was normal to fight and argue with your significant other because thats how my household was. Thankfully I broke the cycle and now live peacefully and in a loving environment” — jayme1121

“I learned that arguments can be triggered over anything. Roseanne, popcorn, records, etc.” — ScentofaWorf

“I have issues with relationships, daddy issues, trust issues. It’s hard opening up and expressing feelings with most people. A lot of people stay together for the kids but sometimes it’s best to separate.” — MicaylaRae

“I now hate confrontation and can be quite the pushover and people pleaser. I apologize for everything, even stuff that doesn’t need an apology.” — whatsername25

“When someone hits something really hard (slamming fist on table), I can’t sit and I need to get out.” — gilgasmashglass

“I’ve very much turned into a very non-confrontational person and will avoid arguments and fights as much as possible. Growing up thinking ‘oh this might trigger a fight.’” — k032

“I think seeing their marriage made me never really that focused on getting married as a goal. I never had any kind of fairytale happily ever after dream, because all I saw was misery. I’d much rather stay alone than end up in anything resembling what my parents had.” — OldLadyP

“I feel like I was caught in the middle of things. I now easily get overwhelmed when someone is angry or upset, and sometimes I try to be a peace keeper, going out of my way sometimes to do so.” — skippiskip

“Fair bit of resentment when I found out others grew up different. It’s bitter and I’ll never truly be able to let it go.” — ElizaTaylorSparrow