13 Tips For When You’re Feeling Stagnant
Jayson Hinrichsen

13 Tips For When Life Feels Stagnant

“I started meditating to learn to let emotions and thoughts pass by rather than allowing them to affect me all day long.” — slubice

“I am learning tarot. I love it for the therapeutic aspect and words of encouragement. It’s dragged me out of quite a few tough mental spots actually.” — Sorta_Less_Anonymous

“Go to Wikipedia and click on the ‘random article’ link. You might find out about something you otherwise would never have thought you liked.” — [deleted]

“Exercise to clear my head. Try to figure out if the stagnation comes from a temporary feeling or a need for change. Challenge myself to do what I need to get into a better headspace/take action. Giving myself challenges and setting goals is a big motivator. I enjoy succeeding and counting time through experiences.” — ActivelyLostInTarget

“This is going to sound lame, but it’s true: if you’re feeling stagnant, YOU need to make the world move. Set things in motion. It could be something simple. Something big. If you’re stagnant, your world will be stagnant. Stir the pot, poke the bear, inject some color into your life and don’t worry about analyzing the what or why. Not everything needs to be good or bad. Not everything needs to have a purpose. Sometimes we just need to ‘do’ for the sake of doing. This process spurs additional ideas and may help you see new opportunities you hadn’t seen previously – changing our situation even a little can bring new perspectives. This all sounds lame but it’s true.” — fearsomme

“Start to walk, even if a little each day. Travel, even if just to the other end of your city. Start a conversation with someone you wouldn’t usually talk with. Any and all movement is welcome and will spur on movement in other avenues of life.” — greginthesummer

“I travel, it refreshes everything and I come back home feeling good and happy about the adventure I just had.” — Melancholic84

“Even small things, like doing the laundry can propel daily momentum into something even bigger. Just move, even if steps are tiny.” — Rush7en

“Try something new, like a new hobby. I felt stagnant and on a whim bought a 10 gal fish tank. A month later and I’m adding my first fish tomorrow!” — AslanTheKitten

“I go somewhere new. Perhaps a store I haven’t been in before or a park I’ve not seen.” — kwik-reply

“Try something you’ve always wanted to try but were too scared to try. It’s never too late to try something new.” — [deleted]

“If you’re thinking of making a change, go for it because the time will pass regardless. In the near future, your life could improve because of the actions you took today. If you don’t do anything, chances are your life will stay stagnant and you’ll look back in regret.” — YounomsayinMawfk

“Become conscious of the things that are keeping you stagnant. Society is actively invested in keeping people asleep and it takes effort to remove the blanket.” — throwaway0408800