13 TV Relationships That Are Surprisingly Healthy
YouTube / Schitt's Creek

13 TV And Movie Relationships That Are Surprisingly Healthy

“Johnny and Moira from Schitt’s Creek. I thought for sure that a major plot point would be how losing everything put a big strain on their marriage, and I was so pleasantly surprised that that wasn’t the case.” — allusionillusion

“Phil and Claire from Modern Family. I love how they are so different but when it comes down to it they really love each other and they have so much fun together.” — Dunkin_Dicks

“Anna and Kristoff in Frozen. I must be getting old because I really appreciated the whole Hans arc showing kids the danger of rushing in.” — gogglesaur

“Morticia and Gomez Addams. For as wild and weird the family is, their weirdest quality is actually having the American dream of a stable household and loving, fully functional, emotionally open family with no catches.” — [deleted]

“Norm and Marge from the movie Fargo. They’re a wonderfully happy couple in a movie about people who lie, steal, and cheat on each other. Norm waking up with Marge in the earliest hours of the morning to make her breakfast is such a kind, wholesome gesture. Norm getting them both lunch while Marge gets Norm some night crawlers. I could go on, the relationship is just warm and simple, everything I want.” — introitusmaximus

“Carl and Ellie from Up. Sniffs. Their whole relationship was beauti- goes into the fetal position and cries.” — ilikebluesocks

“Leslie and Ben from Parks and Rec. At first I really didn’t get it, since he’s so over the top and she’s so aloof that they seemed too incompatible, but the eating turkey Chilli off of a Frisbee scene sold their relationship completely.” — PrezMoocow

“Honestly Kitty and Red from That 70’s Show. The occasional disagreement but they could make fun of each other in a heartwarming way and they actually seemed to help each other be better.” — embahhh

“Monroe and Rosalie from Grimm. Those two were great. Loved it whenever Monroe would ramble all excited about some old clock or whatever, and Rosalie would just look at him, happy about how happy and excited he was.” — petta_reddast

“Rapunzel and Eugene from Tangled!! The TV series even makes their relationship even better!!” — The_Companion

“I think Carla and Turk from Scrubs. The thing with them, is they’re imperfect people (Carla has some control issues, can be stubborn) and Turk can be jock-ish (simple minded with no regard for repercussions, driven by physical impulses [sex, food, etc]), and both of these negatives affect their partner in negative ways. They almost always are able to still talk it out, come to compromises, go above themselves to make their partner happy, and essentially find a way to weather the storm and make sure they both come out on top while tackling whatever challenge is in front of them.” — Willster328

“Whether you think the show is trash or not, Monica and Chandler is actually a realistic representation of a healthy relationship.” — ThatGuyIsGeneric

“Jake and Amy on Brooklyn 99. Despite being extremely different, they don’t try to change each other or convince each other that the way that they’re thinking is wrong. Jake supports Amy’s career goals, and she supports his goals to go to the water park.” — Minaowl