13 Unconventional Date Ideas For New Couples And Long-Term Couples

13 Unconventional Date Ideas For New Couples And Long-Term Couples

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been dating someone for a few weeks or a few years. You should always take your person out on cute dates so you can spend quality time together. If you’re tired of going to the same old places, here are unconventional date ideas for new couples and long-term couples:

“Geocaching. Depending on where you are, there might be geocaches that will take you to places you never knew even existed in your community like caves, random parks, amazing views, etc.” — janderson848

“Go to a dollar store, set a time limit (maybe 20 min) and spend $5 on each other. Go to a bar afterwards and do the gift exchange over drinks.” — jros14

“Buy a lesson in a common interest that neither of you are good at. Cooking, drums, pottery, singing, hoops, whatever.” — [deleted]

“Paintball: If your date isn’t afraid to get rough and dirty (heh) then paintball is a great choice. Few things bring people closer together than fighting side by side. Airsoft is also a good choice. If your date is concerned about getting dirty or hurt then lasertag is a tamer yet equally fun option.” — [deleted]

“Go on a scavenger hunt together. Make a list of things to find, get a camera, and spend the afternoon enjoying her company.” — jstark1

“Apple picking! You guys could make candy apples afterwards.” — big_l0ser

“I would suggest ice skating. It’s great for several reasons: Makes conversation easier – Rather than sitting at a table facing each other (intimidating) or at a movie theatre (quiet) you are shoulder to shoulder in an extremely lighthearted environment. It puts both of you at ease. No one has awkward silence on ice. Good touch – It breaks the seal for physical contact. Even if you don’t get to hand holding (which is very easy to do under the guise of assistance) you will inevitable bump into each other or have to grab an arm once or twice. Bonus points if she falls, dragging you to the ice with her! Post-skate benefit – It’s exhausting, which relaxes nervousness. Also, if you choose to go out to eat or grab coffee afterwards you can always talk about ice skating if you run out of conversations.” — rabboni

“Build a fort on the roof (bedroom if that’s not possible). Include pillows, a small fan, a light source, speakers, any other amenities for comfort and a pleasant experience. Spend the afternoon and evening inside reading, listening to music, watching a movie, talking, peeking out at the sky, anything.” — detsnam

“If you live in an area with snow, TOBOGGANING! And afterwards, a nice hot chocolate/coffee at a local coffee shop” — LumpyTurd

“Creative types: Create something together. Go to the art supply store and get one of those enormous rolls of gigantic paper and paint all over it, or even just use colored Sharpies. Write a story together, in a notebook, taking turns adding a couple sentences at a time. Form a short screenplay and start filming, maybe start a YouTube channel together. One of my favorites was buying two packs of washable markers and just drawing on each other’s bodies — it washes off in the shower…” — TedFoley

“Go to an improv comedy show. Call ahead, let them know you’re bringing a hot date. They will likely be happy to involve you in some shenanigans.” — TedFoley

“Have a freakin’ picnic. When you have no idea what to get at the grocery store, just get some Subway to go.” — TedFoley

“Go to a microbrewery and taste the samples.” — surpassing_disasters