13 Women Admit The Most Toxic Thing They’ve Done In A Relationship

13 Women Admit The Most Toxic Thing They’ve Done In A Relationship

You’re not always your best self in relationships. Especially in unhealthy relationships. A few women have revealed the wildest things they’ve done in relationships that they’re embarrassed to admit:

“I burned his stuff and posted the picture of the fire on Facebook, then tagged him right in the center of the fire.” — VinegarPrincess

“I built a steel clamp (yes i went to the machine shop and spent time designing a solid model, cutting, lathing, boring, sanding the damn thing) just so I could crush our 3 year anniversary ring. You may wonder at some point, why didn’t you just use an already built clamp? Because I wanted to crush it in my own hands, and since i wasn’t strong enough to do that, I figured a clamp made by my hands, was good enough to feel like I was crushing it in my hands.” — polancomodanco

“Searched ‘photos liked by boyfriendsname’ on Facebook.” — Ignoremepeas

“Sent him a video of myself crying as a way to ‘reason’ with him after he broke up with me.” — likthebluud

“Turned on the read receipts on his phone when he asked me to fix something else in his settings.” — AtlantisLuna

“My ex didn’t come home one too many times so I just snapped and ripped up all the photos of us and sprinkled the bits all over the bed and tore apart a little I love you teddy he gave me and left it on the bed to come home to. I felt like a crazy bitch the next day. And I’ve never actually admitted that to anyone.” — Emmaline1986

“Ran behind his moving car, howling, in the middle of traffic.” — sihayi

“Paid money to access my boyfriend’s court records because my mom had somehow convinced me he was lying about a certain court case that involved his ex. It turns out he was actually telling the truth. I was only skeptical because he has been known to embellish stories to make them more entertaining.”  — sidnutz

“Went through his phone and caught him cheating as a result. Not as crazy as some of the others on here, but it felt crazy to me because I am 100% NOT the type of person that does this.” — assholewithbigtits

“I was hormonal and PMSing and so my BF brought me take out from my favorite sub shop. I cried when I opened it because it was my favorite sub, but I didn’t want my favorite – I wanted my second favorite sub.” — quilles

“Found out my husband was cheating, so I went to his girlfriend’s house with two trash bags of his shredded clothes, smashed cologne bottles inside, and a copy of our marriage certificate and dropped it at her door step with a note saying, ‘He’s your problem now enjoy’ with a ‘p.s. the return policy is expired you’re stuck with him.’” — SaCjAmWN

“Found out my ex of 3 years had been cheating on me and had stolen money from my savings and my mother’s safe to give presents to this other girl for months… Went out with my friends the following night. We all got a bit drunk and for some reason had to poop at the same time. We though it was a good idea to poop on his car. So we walked to his house at 3 am and we all left a little poop on different parts of the car. I AM NOT PROUD. But I don’t regret it either.” — Fl00Fl00

“I made us on the Sims and made us have a bunch of kids.” — Literally_a_Gorilla