14 Green Flags That The Relationship Has Potential To Last A Lifetime
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14 Green Flags That The Relationship Will Last A Lifetime

“When you enjoy just being together, and I do mean just. I’ve seen so many relationships break up because they loved going out together, going to festivals, music shows, etc but didn’t enjoy being together when it’s just them.” — Relax_ItsJustAPhase

“That they respect each other. Respect is something like 90%+ indicator of if a couple will still be together in 5 years. It is incredibly rare for a couple to stay together for at least 5 years if they don’t respect each other.” — thedarkhaze

“It gives both parties comfort rather than drama type excitement, and both are at a level of maturity where that’s what they’re looking for. Additionally, neither party is afraid they’re missing out on something better by staying.” — SherrifOfNothingtown

“They laugh together, cry together, and mostly now sit on the couch and share time together, whether in silence or not.” — [deleted]

“They understand each other and allow space for individuality but know how to blend together as a couple.” — Back2Bach

“Do they casually touch a lot, hold hands? Then they’ll be fine.” — TriscuitCracker

“Being able to freely express themselves freely, like true open communication.” — [deleted]

“A never ending pursuit to the betterment and enjoyment of your so knowing they are striving for the same goal.” — daddyrenegade

“They have more conversations than arguments.” — banananapixel

“Being a team. You can’t always agree with a person but you can always aim to work together and compromise. My SO and I are a team first and foremost. Lots of people we know are married with kids or pets or whatever and they bicker all the time or will sell out their other half at the drop of a hat: ‘He never does any housework / cooks / takes the kids to school etc’ and ‘she spends loads of money or crap / nags me constantly / has let herself go etc’ and I cannot understand how it makes more sense to tell me those things than to tell their partner those things and work on them together. Be a team who cares about the other person’s happiness and wellbeing as much as your own and romance will stay for a long time.” — ElderflowerGin

“If they have sex more often than they argue. Not even joking. It’s been found to be a reasonably accurate predictor.” — lagerbaer

“Having a sense of humor about it all. Not necessarily being funny, just having a way to laugh off the little stuff.” — picksandchooses

“They communicate their feelings instead of hiding it from each other. Communication in any situation is the key to a strong long lasting relationship.” — ami2weird4u

“In my psychology course, we learned about a study that says that when your partner does good things for you, you think, ‘my partner is a great person that they would do this’ over ‘they are trying to get something for doing this’ or some kind of external condition making them be nice. And when your partner does something bad you think ‘they must have had a bad day’ instead of “my partner is a asshole for this” the marriage or relationship last longer.” — ethich