14 People Reveal The REAL Reason Why They Ghosted

14 People Reveal The REAL Reason Why They Ghosted

Getting ghosted happens to everyone, but it sucks because you never get an explanation about what happened. In order to ease your uncertainty, here are a few explanations about why people have ghosted partners, friends, and family members in the past:

“Because I work all the damn time and any free time that I do have is either spent with my family or sleeping, or just being ALONE, which is a rare treat. Nothing personal.” — EMTMommy9498

“Usually I see the telltale signs of them losing interest so I cut them free.” — Pull_Your_Finger_Out

“Sometimes you realize that folks aren’t bringing any positivity to your life. And maybe it’s better to rip off the bandaid and walk away than to stick around.” — [deleted]

“I’ve technically done this by going ‘okay, I’m always initiating the conversation, so now I’m going to let them message me first’ and then never hearing from them again. The only times I’ve done it on purpose were with terrible people after I came to the realization that sometimes it’s better to be alone than with people that make me feel horrible.” — [deleted]

“She kept lying to me. Really stupid small and mainly harmless lies – concerts she’d gone to, how many times she took her driving test, people she’s dated. I walked away and haven’t heard from her since and I’m relieved. I don’t need fake drama” — BoxsetQueen1980

“He tried to cling to me as if his mental health was my responsibility. He really just couldn’t comprehend the fact that having a friend is not the same as talking to a therapist.” — budgetedchildhood

“I stopped liking them and figured out that they treated me disrespectfully and were unkind to me. And I was putting up with it, just like my parents had trained me. But I didn’t have to be friends with them so I just dropped them.” — [deleted]

“Energy vampires, too exhausting.” — Baloodances

“It was too much work on my end to continue the friendship. Our conversations became one-sided, on a call they would be nice and talk about when we would hang out next, but ended up me asking questions and including the person, however I kept getting ‘K’ or one to two word answers. I didn’t give an ultimatum just stopped trying.” — Chr15ty

“When she always talked badly about her other friends, I excused it because she was ‘just venting.’ Then I overheard her talking about me through our Airbnb’s thin walls… kind of broke my heart because she was saying it to someone she talked badly about to me! The saying goes, if they’re doing it to others, they’re probably doing it to you rings true.” — happysadmoody

“Because he wasn’t there when I needed him, multiple times.” — FulaniLovinCriminal

“I was afraid to contact them back.” — login_into_thesky

“They began drifting into a lifestyle I didn’t really like so i just cut the ties.” — ciclon5

“They continued to behave as though they were 21, and I started to move on as I grew older. Started to say ‘no’ to going out more and more, and eventually we just both stopped asking each other to do things. We’re in our 30s now and they still live in a run down apartment, have the same job, and still party every night as though they are still living in 2010.” — [deleted]