Jonathan Meza

14 Reasons People With High Standards Will Lose Interest

“When all they can compliment you on is the physical attributes of a person. I would be interested in people capable of seeing past that.” — pink-ennui

“The moment I can tell that they aren’t trying. Either they aren’t all that interested in me or they expect me to do all of the ‘work’ so to speak. Either reason is a good enough one to step away.” — Ok_Button1932

“When I tell them I don’t like something, or something makes me uncomfortable, and they continue to do it intentionally as if it’s flirting.” — mtotheija

“The ‘hard to get’ trope. Like it’s one thing if there actually isn’t mutual interest but when there is and someone makes you feel like you’re working for their time and consideration, forget it.” — cherrycreams0da

“Constantly talking shit about others and trying to boost their own ego. I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older, and having interacted with numerous people like this, that if they’re talking shit about everyone else to you, they’re probably also talking shit about you to everyone else. They are essentially mining you for information to use in other social circumstances by attempting to gain your trust.” — SpaceCorpse

“When they lie straight to your face and then turn around and try to deny that they ever did anything wrong and also deny that they even lied. Mistreatment of family members all the time. Always being negative on everything and looking for a reason to pick an argument or fight.” — Diligent_Oil_6901

“Few things are ‘instant’ dealbreakers, but blatant displays of rudeness or condescension toward strangers when under stress is a big red flag. Like, I get that you are frustrated, but there is no need to be a dick.” — MissBitsy

“People pretending to know everything about a subject when they have no experience at all.” — MrsBarbarian

“I don’t have a problem if they have kids. I do have a problem if yelling at their kids is their first disciplinary measure. A two-year old doesn’t know that they can get hurt by jumping off the couch. Be nice about it the first time at least.” — Persimmon530

“Being overly protective or boasting about being in fights, smoking weed, drinking alcohol, and other miscellaneous drugs. Like dude that’s not hot.” — Hell-is-a-Woman

“Someone who is scared about being themselves so they portray themselves as something else. I prefer my partners to be open about hobbies, ideas, and interests. Even if I’m not too interested in it, I have no problem just sitting down and listening to them gush about what makes them happy, who knows might get me into it if you talk about it enough. Just be yourself.” — SympathyPossible8573

“Hating on something just because everyone else is doing it or letting social media affect their views and opinions.” — WeakBuy9554

“When they can’t stop checking their mobile phones every few seconds while we are talking.” — GabrielOmarCY

“Superiority complex. It’s fine to be confident, but if you need to put others down to feel that way you’re just insecure and it’s not cute.” — CarlosTentacule