14 Singles Share The Pettiest Reason They Broke Up With A Good Person

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14 Singles Share The Tiniest Reason They Ghosted Someone

“I kept trying to ask her questions and she gave one or two worded answers. I met her, and all I knew from it was that she liked to cook. Didn’t have a favorite dish, didn’t have a favorite meal, didn’t have a favorite style, just she liked to cook. Everything else was ‘I don’t know, haven’t thought about it.’” — blankyblankblank1

“I danced with a guy at a bar and he was wearing a visor. I thought maybe he had been golfing or playing tennis or something. We decided to go out on a date and he showed up – wearing a visor. Was he hiding something? All through dinner at a nice restaurant – visor. Coffee and a walk after dinner – visor. I just couldn’t get past the visor. I felt shallow but you feel how you feel, right?” — Wide_Ocelot

“She wanted to see a Fast and Furious movie and I decided that made her incompatible with me. Yes, that’s how stupid I was in my twenties. Very nice, pretty girl with a great sense of humor. Later when I spoke to her and said I fucked up, she simply said, ‘Yes. Yes you did.’” — tinyhorsesinmytea

“She looked to similar to my mom. She made a certain facial expression while we were talking and I had the thought, ‘Man that’s something my mom does.’ Couldn’t get it out of my head afterwards and that was it.” — DontTouchit91

“My pet peeve is air quotes. This girl and I were sexting and she wouldn’t stop putting quotation marks around her dirty expressions. Killed the mood for me.” — asoiahats

“I noped out of a thing over formatting. He texted me after out first date and it looked like it was written by a preschooler.” — MicciMichi

“I had a dream about him having really slimy and wet lips (never felt his lips) and it was such a turn off I uninvited him to a date that we had already planned together the next day.” — Necessary_Cloud8649

“She said she could talk to ghosts that hang out in her room, like hundreds of ghosts hang out with her every day apparently.” — blankyblankblank1

“When I was on Tinder I rejected any match who had the same first name as my father. Just couldn’t do it. Problem is that my dad has a pretty common name.” — MessofJes

“In the heart of COVID I hoped on FaceTime with a girl I was talking to. She was cooking. She seasoned chicken with her bare hands and proceeded to lick her fingers to taste. Don’t think it’s that shallow though, I assume that’s universally disgusting and flat out dumb.” — HistorianMassive1111

“We were going to see a movie together on the first date and he made me buy my own ticket. I totally would have bought drinks and popcorn if he had bought the tickets, wasn’t looking for a free date or anything.” — DaughterofJan

“I couldn’t be arsed driving like 40 mins to her and 40 mins back. Real commitment.” — MuhCrea

“He told me he didn’t like any spicy food. But by spicy food he meant Spaghetti Bolognese. I was out.” — Naughtyspider

“Being over-eager. I don’t mind enthusiasm, and getting flustered is adorable, but I just can’t stand people who are constantly in full gear. I’m too lazy for that shite.” — ElizabethEC