Tremors (1990)

14 ‘Tremors’ Fans Share Why It’s The Best Horror Movie Ever

When Tremors came out in 1990, it had people simultaneously in love with Kevin Bacon and scared of creepy sandworms out for blood. The creature feature became a success with horror fans and casual movie-goers alike and it spawned six sequels. Despite the B-movie aesthetic and wild plot, it’s still a favorite among many. Now these superfans are sharing their love for the series on reddit.

A “Beautiful” Creature Feature

“The comedy is simultaneously nuanced and broad. The tension and pacing is some of the best the creature feature would see until Jurassic Park. I love the Hitchcock-esque use of the seizmo as a cutaway.

Dear God, everything just works so beautifully in this film. For all those who still haven’t seen, please stop doing what you are doing and pop it in.” – u/beyondoasis

A Recommended Watch Order

“You looking for a stupid yet fun series to binge watch? Give Tremors a try. It’s not Shakespeare and it knows it. If you are super limited on time, I suggest watching Tremors 1,2 and 4 in that order.

May the assblasters be with you.” – u/spicedpumpkins

Calling Tremors “Stupid” Is Debatable

“It might be ‘stupid’ and a sort of a B-movie but the first movie also has a very tightly written script.” – u/YakMan2

We’re In It For The Bacon

Kevin Bacon in Tremors (1990)

“Kevin Bacon is enough of a reason to watch the first one.” – u/stumpdawg

Tremors Is Basically Perfect

“Is Tremors the best written movie ever? Hell no. But for the purpose it’s written for it is perfect. It does every single thing it sets out to do and does it flawlessly. There’s not a single wasted scene or moment in the entire film, every single scene either exists to move the plot forward at a brisk pace or efficiently set up some surprisingly good characterizations and development of the people in the story. Everything that is set up is paid off, the dialogue is efficient and snappy, the characters in the movie are well defined, interesting and pleasant to spend time with, and never spend too much time doing things that seem stupid or illogical. It’s a really well written film.” – u/roboroller

Some Serious Rewatch Potential

“I can–and do–rewatch it all the time. It’s like, some movies you start quoting because you liked them the first time, but when you go back later, you find they’re not as great as you remember. Not the case with Tremors, each time I watch it it’s as good as the last. One of my all time favorites!” – u/Orpheon89

It’s Still Spooky

“The scene where the doctor and his wife get attacked used to terrify me as a kid. Even now it’s pretty unsettling.” – u/Orpheon89

So Good, The Kids Love It

“It’s fun for all ages! My son called it ‘The Underground Monster Movie.’ It is so good.” – u/Vairman

The Floor Is Lava

Tremors (1990)

“Tremors was the ultimate The Floor Is Made of Lava movie.” – u/922014

Epic TV Versions

“I watched the edited version so many times that by the time I saw the unedited one, I kinda preferred the edited one.

‘Run like THE DAMN BLAZES! Pardon my French.'” – u/robobreasts

If It’s Good Enough For Film School…

“Third year of film school. First day of advanced screenwriting class. Professor turns on Tremors.

‘This movie is the greatest example of classic American screenwriting technique I have ever seen,’ he said.

He wasn’t wrong. We watched it twice.” – u/judyblue_

Kevin Bacon Isn’t The Only Gem

Tremors (1990)

“With Reba, years before she did ‘Reba!’

And not only is Michael Gross great in this, but when you realize this was not long after Family Ties, and he’s playing such an opposite character, and not for laughs.” – u/xwhy

Not Just Dumb Horror Characters

“I love that majority of the characters were smart about the situation they were in. They really were great critical thinkers which made them more realistic and not just dumb characters who cause turmoil for everyone else just for the sake of adding drama to the movie. The 2 leads were a great buddy team and the supporting characters were all unique and added something to the table.” – u/Username_Chose_Me

It’s For Everyone

“Structurally and pound for pound, minute for minute entertainment-wise this is probably the greatest movie ever made that anyone can watch. If I ever meet someone new and they have not seen this film I make it my business to have an evening with them eating food and making them watch this. Honestly so much good clean fun to be had here. Still the best.” – u/Whocaresitsyaboi