14 Yellow Flags That Mean You Should Proceed With Caution

14 Yellow Flags In Modern Dating (That Mean You Should Proceed With Caution)

Red flags mean you should run in the other direction. But yellow flags mean you should proceed with caution. They aren’t automatic dealbreakers, but they’re a reason to be a little concerned. Here are some yellow flags that could cause someone to lose interest:

“85% of time spent together consists of napping or cuddling. Could mean they are super sweet and cuddly, could also be suffocating and dull when it comes down to the substance of the relationship.” — getjukedfucker

“Not having a plan for the future. Seeming unmotivated or lost. Everyone has those phases occasionally, and especially in young adult years, it can take time to find a path that works for you. But it can also turn into you working your butt off to support someone who is happy to mooch indefinitely. You need to figure out which it is before making a serious commitment.” — etds3

“Having a different communication style than you do. Can definitely create some friction, but if both parties are willing to learn from each other, it’s certainly a surmountable obstacle.” — PepurrPotts

“Always wanting to know everything you did during the day. It could mean they are interested and genuinely want to be supportive. But it could also be foreshadowing future controlling behavior.” — daath88

“Someone who is really messy. That can be changed and whatnot but it can be a real indication to the kind of person they are. It’s also an indication about their lives, as in, if they let their house get so bad then what else would they be willing to get bad before actually taking care of it?” — [deleted]

“Smacking or chewing with their mouth open. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a bad person, but may mean they overall lack politeness or self-awareness.” — SweetSassyClassy

“Not knocking divorced people AT ALL, but if my date mentions they are divorced, I definitely proceed with caution and want to learn more about how that relationship failed, is the ex still in the picture, etc.” — Bryentath

“Hates pets. Not necessarily indicative of a bad person, but you do have to wonder why they hate them.” — [deleted]

“Someone who impatiently waits for you to finish your story so they can start theirs. They barely heard anything you said because all they were thinking about was themselves.” — Summitress

“Bad hygiene. It can be fixed, but if it isn’t…” — theawesomewizard1

“No relationship with their family. Can indicate that they have self-respect and refuse to put up with an abusive situation, but can also show that the person is uncompromising and unable to get along with others they might disagree with. So it really depends.” — [deleted]

“Never initiating conversation aside from those one words — hi, hey, hello. Just dive into it. Especially in texts. You already have my number. Pleasantries have been made. No need to make them again and again. Maybe I’m just nitpicking here though.” — ForcedToDecay

“Talking very highly about their opposite-sex parent. Could be a sign of a healthy relationship, could be a sign of over-dependence and mommy/daddy issues.” — TheLateThagSimmons

“When they don’t do anything to jeopardize the relationship, but there’s just no spark.” — Squishy_Pixelz