15 Learned From First Relationship
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15 Beautiful Love Lessons Singles Learned From Their Last Relationship

“It’s not enough to love someone; the way that love is expressed matters a lot. For a great relationship, you have to love your partner in the way they need to be loved.” — NoodleWeird

“Just because you are a truthful person doesn’t mean the other person has the same courtesy or courage to be honest with you through and through.” — Admirable_Warthog_19

“Compatibility with household cleanliness and organization habits is far more important than you think. Relationships where one partner cares a lot more about the household than the other will result in both parties resenting each other.” — EdgyGoose

“No matter how well you get along, if they won’t stand up for you in any situation then it’s not likely to work. I’m able to stand up for myself now, but the things his mom would say about me that he’d sit by and laugh at to her face and say he wasn’t ok with her saying when she wasn’t around wasn’t ok.” — ShurtugalLover

“Don’t fall over yourself trying to maintain a constant good impression. If you can’t be yourself without them losing interest or leaving, they weren’t meant for you. Stress should be the LAST thing that a relationship brings you.” — NJShadow

“Don’t ignore feelings just because you’re in a good mood. Address problems, think about what you can accept, and work past it accordingly.” — cosmic_her0

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them, the first time.” -Maya Angelou, several years after I learned that lesson the hard way, but I could never phrase it better. Going hand in hand with that, you can’t fix someone else, especially someone who’s given up on themselves. You can only put that kind of energy and effort into yourself and expect to see returns. That one took me a couple or three ill-advised relationships, truthfully.” — Some_Specialist_5052

“When you feel pressured to say I love you just so your partner wouldn’t get upset you need to think about your relationship.” — Teri_555

“Well, I didn’t have my first relationship until I was 30 which ended up in marriage and eventually divorce. The biggest lesson I took from it was that waiting for that ‘perfect’ person was a complete waste of time. I had a very difficult time dating when I was younger. I put too much pressure on each date for it to be something special. The marriage taught me that I could actually be desirable and gave me confidence going forward. The divorce, on the other hand, made me a much more guarded and uncaring person. Turns out the uncaring part made it easier to go on dates (less anxiety) but harder for them to mean anything later on.” — Boromn

“You have to be whole in yourself before trying to build a relationship with someone else. Anything else leads to codependency and an over-reliance on a relationship to fulfill/bring you happiness (at least in my experience).” — og_usrnme

“That there is a big difference between being physically attracted to someone and wanting to be in a relationship with them. I only did my first relationship because, you know, being young and being able to have sex isn’t something you’re going give up, but looking back we literally had nothing in common.” — hellotrrespie

“Make your own decisions about what you want out of life your instead of those that line up with what she wants out of her life. Almost followed a girl to Portland, OR and took a job I didn’t really want because I wanted to make ‘us’ work. So happy she cared enough about me to end things and tell me to find my own path. A wife, successful military career, and bunch of kids later, I’m eternally grateful things turned out the way they did. Thank you, ex.” — thethrillamanila

“Someone can be a really good friend, doesn’t mean they’ll be a good partner.“ — Rebel_0518

“Mental health is a bitch. You can, and should do everything to help your partner. But there’s a point where the best thing to do is just let go. You shouldn’t have to constantly walk on eggshells talking to them. They shouldn’t make you feel guilty. Point is, you should absolutely do what you can to help them get better, don’t just ditch them, but unfortunately sometimes it’s just not worth staying and you need to do what’s best for you.” — Propain98

“As you see major red flags it’s time to say goodbye and move on. Boundaries are there for a reason.” — Mewnbugg