15 Disney That Should Be Remade Into Horror Films
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15 Disney Movies That Should Be Remade Into Horror Films

Some Disney movies are based off of horrific stories, so it wouldn’t be hard for them to be turned into horror films. Others take a bit more creativity to turn dark. Either way, here are some Disney movies that would work well as horror films:

Soul. Joe Gardner falls into a manhole, refuses to die, and instead of going to the Great Before gets sent to Hell with all the lost souls” — elykskroob

Encanto. A lot of the gifts could be really scary for the ordinary people in the village if the Madrigals wanted/needed them to be. Camilo – anyone might not be who you think they are. And he’s capable of seeing what you look like undressed. Dolores – nothing audible is a secret. Antonio – make him mad and even your own pets and livestock could turn on you, like The Birds but with EVERY animal. Luisa – no barrier can keep her at bay for long. Isabela – even when she’s happy she sings of strangling figs, hanging vines, and carnivorous plants.” — DBSeamZ

Pinocchio. The original story involves Pinocchio killing the talking cricket with a hammer and ends with him being hung to death.” — AvogadrosMoleSauce

“Beauty and the Beast. Might be a cool twist on a horror movie to show the victim ACTUALLY succumb to Stockholm syndrome and become a submissive slave. Like a psychological horror. Make her go from resistant to complaint so slow and insidiously that watchers feel ‘oh god, that could be me.’ I can just picture an ending where Belle has a real chance to escape, you see internal conflict in her eyes, but she closes the castle door, locks it, and the camera zooms slowly away from the closed door in silence. Roll credits.” — IrrelevantPuppy

Frozen. Anna gets tired of getting left out and not having powers that she goes on murdering anything with power including Elsa.” — black_barbie_12

Zootopia can be a really fucked up place. It could easily pivot into a neo noir serial killer flick. It puts the lotion on its fleece, or else it gets the hose again!” — GrammatonYHWH

Tangled. Rapunzel could’ve simply strangled Eugene with her hair instead of tying him to a chair.” — byakuyazs

Cars. Do they take each other apart for parts? Do they need oil changes? So could you drain somebody’s oil? Can you rust to death? Junk yards?” — remes1234

Peter Pan stuck in his childhood forever so he continually steals kids to play with and murders them when they age. Captain Hook is trying to stop him.” — [deleted]

The Black Cauldron. The final scenes were so horrific that Disney had to cut them back drastically and re-animate a bunch of stuff. It practically was a horror movie in its first cut.” — APeacefulWarrior

Little Mermaid. She gets rejected by the guy she was in love with and committed suicide. Her body turns into toxic seafoam that kills people.” — Cassandra_Canmore

Cinderella. The two stepsisters mutilate their feet in an effort to get the slipper to fit.” — Cassandra_Canmore

Lilo & Stitch. I would go with Stitch still befriending the family, but secretly murdering everyone else he could. And the bounty hunters forgoing the respect for human life. Lilo desperately trying to save Stitch from his primal self.” — sneakysam77

Toy Story. That one scene in the first Toy Story with all the damaged toys rising out of the sandbox definitely gave me nightmares as a kid.” — [deleted]

Snow White. Hair black as night, lips red as blood, skin as white as the snow. Sleeps in a coffin. Neil Gaiman’s got a great short story about this very thing.” — omgzombies08