15 Easy, Low-Effort Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect For Parties
A Koolshooter

15 Easy, Low-Effort Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect For Parties

“A sim! Make a green diamond, attach it to a wire, and wrap it around your head. It’s easier if you’re a girl and have a bun to attach it to.” — BrookingsCato

“I always likes the undercover cop. Just put a badge under your jacket and show it to people when they ask what you are.” — TheSoapbottle

“Georgie from IT. Rain coat, rain boots, red balloon and you’re done.” — Bloodyrave

“Steal some of your friend’s clothes and do a bad impression of them all night. ‘Oooh look at me, I’m Dan, I work in the library, do you like books?'” — ContextIsForTheWeak

“Your own Evil Twin. Just draw a mustache under your nose. Even if you’re a girl. Especially if you’re a girl.” — [deleted]

“Once I got all dressed in up black tie style, and taped a piece of paper to me that read, ‘I’m sorry’ on it, and went as a formal apology. Everyone loved it!” — a_marie95

“Clark Kent. Superman t-shirt under dress shirt half open. Pick up some thick rimmed glasses from the drug store.” — maximumtesticle

“Dominos. Wear black, get some white electrical or other such tape, and put some dots on your legs and torso, with a white stripe at your belt for the divider. A group of us did this at work and it took about 5-mins per person.” — J_Golbez

“Lumberjack. Can’t grow a beard? Buy a cheap fake one. Then all you need is a flannel, jeans, overalls, boots, and a fake axe.” — NeatTheConMan

“I once went to a halloween party as a cow. I wore a white t-shirt on which I drew black patches with sharpie. I used black eyeliner to draw black patches on my face and skin. The belly of my shirt had a huge pink circle drawn for the udder. I taped four condoms to my udder circle as the teats. Literally just looked through my belongings and threw a costume together, but the condom teats made it a huge hit at the party” — [deleted]

“I made a sign that said, ‘nudist on strike.’ Wear your normal clothes and the sign. It was a big hit.” — ashtastic10

“I know someone who wore a pink shirt and pink sweatpants and tied a shoe to their head. They were a wad of stepped-on gum. Oh.. and the girl that wore a trash bag and fishnets and was ‘sexy garbage.'” — Booner999

“1950’s greaser. All you need is a white tee shirt, blue jeans, some boots and a leather jacket if you have one. If not, just roll up the sleeves of your tee shirt. Pomade your hair back into a DA or a pompador if you’re fancy. Carry one of those super cheap black combs and constantly comb your hair. This can also be turned into a Fallout costume with slightly more work” — Cthulhuhoop

“Well if you have red hair like myself, you could buy a loaf of bread, tie it to your waist. Boom! Ginger Bread Man.” — Woe2TheUsurper

“If you order enough stuff from Amazon, make yourself a cardboard box robot costume” — Optimus_Pitts