15 Men On Things Women Have Seen In Rom-Coms That They Should Stop Expecting

15 Men Reveal Moves From Rom-Coms That Women Should Stop Expecting

“If you storm out of our house in anger, don’t expect me to run after you and stop you.” — Learngaming

“Waiting three days for a text. That rule is old now.” — nowhsubo

“Coming up with expensive, unique date ideas. Let’s just get some food and watch a movie and walk around the park. I’m not taking you fucking horseback riding or skydiving or whatever the guy making 50K a year but somehow spends 200k in a year without any trouble in the show does for his dates. In the real world, we don’t spend 4x what we earn and y’all are gonna have to accept that.” — Quicksilva94

“If you are in a relationship, no matter how bad, I am going to respect that. I am not going to save you from your asshole boyfriend. Save yourself.” — Scoob1978

“Decorate the loft building roof with lights and flowers and candles, and have food and drink ready for the magical moment when you emerge onto the roof. Or even to have access to a loft building and its roof. Heck, the last loft building I had access to would fine you $500 for going onto the roof. Romance can happen at ground level, you know.” — masterpososo

“Surprise vacations/travel. Doesn’t need further explanation.” — JackGaroud

“Women don’t get to unilaterally decide things have progressed to the point of sex. I knew a girl who literally got pissed as fuck cos she spent all this emotional energy working up to the decision to have sex with a guy only to have him be like, ‘Uh, maybe another time but I’m not in the mood right now.’ She’d never even considered that would happen. It’s amazing that he also gets to say no.” — joydivision1234

“Stop. Playing. Games. Have I upset you? Is it obvious I’m unaware I’ve upset you? Don’t fucking ignore me for three days until I send ‘is something wrong?’ Just fucking say something. ‘Hey, you did this and it upset me.’ ‘Okay I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.’ Boom. Problem solved, no games. If you don’t fully 100% trust me, break up with me. Don’t play silly games that lead to self fulfilled prophecies. If you can’t fully trust me, I don’t want to date you. Because I know that I’m very loyal and trustworthy to my SOs. I’ve never even cheated emotionally, let alone physically. So do us both a favor, if you don’t trust me, break it off.” — [deleted]

“Rom-coms perpetuate this idea that cheating on men is perfectly fine just as long as the woman is making some choice who she loves most. That’s some seriously entitled, self-centered and sociopathic bullshit that needs to stop.” — usernumber36

“If you say ‘no,’ then the answer is no and I’m going to stop trying. I’m not going to spend the next week trying to convince you otherwise. That would be called harassment.” — dog_in_the_vent

“Confess your feelings to someone already in a relationship. It seems like a lot of movies I have seen make this seem like the honorable thing to do for some reason, but I’ve never seen it work out IRL.” — [deleted]

“Your love saving/fixing him. Even if you could fix Broody McBadboy, then he would lose all of his allure and become just another stable guy. I don’t understand why this even exists.” — hraefin

“Reading their mind. I don’t know how you’re feeling or what you want me to do unless you just tell me. Or I’m really bad at reading people’s faces.” — trainerkevin4

“Throwing a childish hissy fit and expecting the guy to pamper you back into a good mood.” — PM_ME_YR_PUFFYNIPS

“That loves conquers all. No, relationships take a lot more than just love, ignoring that is a recipe for disaster.” — [deleted]