15 People Reveal Why They Were Wrongly Accused Of Cheating
Pavel Danilyuk

15 People Reveal Why They Were (Wrongly) Accused Of Cheating

“She heard a woman in the room laughing through the phone when she called me to accuse me of being out with another woman. Turns out there are other people in the world and when you’re out in public you just may encounter them.” — Enoch-Of-Nod

“A pair of my wife’s panties fell out from the leg hole of my pants while I was driving to work. I grab them and shove them in the driver side door pocket and promptly forget about them. Several weeks later we are cleaning out our cars together and she finds them and is like WTF. She doesn’t recognize them as her own. Finally remembers after I scroll through several thousand of my pictures to find a picture of her actually wearing them.” — Zonefluffy

“He installed a key logger on my laptop and found a chat of me politely turning down a guy I’d met (as part of a mutual friend group) a few weeks previous. When I pointed out that he’d found explicit proof that I had in fact not cheated, he went off on a tirade about how I’m never around anymore and never paid attention to him anymore and that was as bad as cheating. I threw the whole man out.” — half_in_boxes

“She saw the names of my female family members in my contacts. She freaked out and angrily asked who my stepmother was, my stepsisters, my cousins, my auntie. It lasted about two minutes. She started to realize she was being an idiot, and I realized I didn’t like her anymore.” — NOSRETTAP_RAPS

“Husband found a condom wrapper under the couch. He never cleans, so don’t know how he found it lol I was stumped. I had no idea. A few weeks prior we had a couple friends over that crashed on our couch of our extremely tiny shoebox apartment. Went out with my female friend, (I was also friends with the dude) she tells me she had sex with said friend and they’re discussing dating. I asked when and where. She told me that night at my place.” — SSOJ16

“She cheated on me and decided that means I must clearly also be cheating.” — Different_Avocado501

“A friend broke up with her boyfriend because she believed he cheated on her because she got a UTI. She honestly believed she ‘caught’ it from him like an STD.” — paperdoll07

“She found a necklace in my bed and I didn’t know how it got there. Turned out to be her necklace that she had lost and didn’t recognize in the dark.” — mr4d

“Apparently the online support group for my father’s brain tumor was a ‘chat room’ for casual hookups.” — doublestitch

“She knew that if I drove exactly the speed limit and hit every light that it would take me 12 minutes to get home after work. The one time I showed up in 14 minutes was all the proof she needed.” — Skinnee11

“She has cheated so many times that she immediately ‘recognized’ my behavior.” — trkyjerky

“The mileage on my car didn’t add up by like a mile or something – apparently he counted it before I went to work and when I got back from work. I literally went from his place to work and then came back to his place.” — DontStopMe_

“He admitted to having me followed by a private detective who had seen me get into a red mini. The mini belonged to a colleague who gave me a lift home from work one day. A female colleague. I ended the relationship there and then and chalk it up to a lucky escape.” — Blondeinsideandout

“She said, ‘Look at me,’ so I did, then she started bawling her eyes out saying I’m probably cheating on her because ‘your pupils dilate when you look at someone you love.’ Stage 7 crazy.” — [deleted]

“She had a dream.” — sudorootadmin