15 Red Flags That The Relationship Won't Last Another Month

15 Red Flags That The Relationship Won’t Last Another Three Months

Some relationships are meant to be temporary. Here are a few signs that the relationship will end (or, more accurately, should end) before the end of the year:

“When one person is more obsessed with the other. Now… in a relationship, someone is going to fall in love faster than the other. That’s just how it works. Someone becomes attached sooner, someone wants to move to the next level sooner and so on. HOWEVER, what’s important to realize is the ratio. If it’s about a 60/40 or even 70/30, that’s okay. It doesn’t mean it’s bad… but when it’s a 90/10 like I was with this one girl I fell head over stupid for, it means your obsessing over them and they’ve only barely gotten to know you. When this happens, slow your roll. In fact, throw on the fucking brakes and reevaluate what you’re doing. You may come to the unfortunate realization and conclusion as I did… that you need to call it off and take time for yourself.” — [deleted]

“If you guys have literally nothing to talk about. Had a boyfriend who ‘loved hearing me talk.’ That was great but dude I don’t know anything about you. You won’t tell me.” — LynnisaMystery

“If they hesitate to introduce you to their friends or families for a ridiculously long time–or insist that you keep their relationship a secret. If they are not ashamed of you, then they are cheating or have commitment issues.” — [deleted]

“You blame each other when you have problems. Had a shitty day at work? Great. You take it out on me and have a shitty evening too!” — Bolloux

“Overly jealous, like to the point where you can’t hang out with other people.” — -eDgAR-

“Your communication styles simply don’t align. When everything the other says gets misinterpreted or taken as an attack/challenge, get out. Maybe they are attacks or challenges, but especially if you learn that they’re not, this is a situation that can only get worse.” — [deleted]

“When people can’t talk openly about what they feel. It’s a frequent issue in early relationships when one or more of the people is too touchy, or too afraid, or can’t trust even when shown reasons to.” — DracheGraethe

“They shout their love for one another and/or post blurbs about how wonderful and perfect their relationship is on social media, every time they log on, every 15 minutes. Not just an occasional post of that nature. It’s to the point where it’s like, ‘Exactly who are you trying to convince here?’” — coffeeblossom

“Trying to completely change the other individual. Never works out.” — OBUsux

“Lots of arguments over little things. Feeling relieved when you’re no longer around the person.” — jordanair45

“Inability to compromise when issues arise. It’s healthier to be flexible.” — BettyCoup

“Lack of trust on either side. Manipulation from either side.” — switchondem

“They say opposites attract, but if you are truly different people, it will put a wrench in the gears of your relationship.” — [deleted]

“When she’s on her phone the entire time, texting some person you don’t know and won’t tell you.” — [deleted]

“When you try to imagine where you’ll be in a few years time and don’t like what you see.” — Cyanide_Revolver