15 Red Flags The Guy You’ve Been Seeing Is A Creep
Steven Cordes

15 Red Flags The Guy You’ve Been Seeing Is A Creep

“Saying, in person or online, that you prefer women who don’t have short hair, tattoos, piercings, kids, etc. when no one had expressed any interest in your preferences, but you still announce it like you are giving all females valuable insight into how to attract you. That’s a definite sign that a dude thinks the world revolves around him.” — Mushrooming247

“They make comments that are absolutely out of line, like sexual or violent comments, like it’s normal. It’s one thing to joke but you can just tell when someone is being serious.” — ChubbyElbowz

“They have many friends that are much, much younger than them.” — shartyintheclub

“If they have absolutely zero personality outside of sex.” — sosogeorgie

“They tell you who you are and what you like, and if you stand up for yourself they gaslight you and try to play games with your boundaries to break them down.” — Darth_Seduktas

“They don’t understand personal space.” — deadevilmonkey

“They constantly have interactions where everyone else is in the wrong. Normal people don’t get banned from Costco, spit on gas station attendants, and get tased by the cops. If this stuff happens to you you’re probably a creepy weirdo. And yes, I’m sure all of your ex girlfriends were the problem.” — awkwardlyherdingcats

“When you’re having an argument with someone and they start saying things just to hurt you because they don’t have a valid argument.” — Kingliturtd

“They are pushy and don’t respect boundaries.” — Butter-titties128

“Anyone who acts too familiar/comfortable with you after just meeting you or barely knowing you. Especially if they ask a lot of really personal/inappropriate questions really fast, like stuff about your sex life, dating history, childhood, etc.” — strawbeygirl

“Attempts to isolate you from your friends. Or to take you out of public space to go somewhere alone with them.” — Bebe_Bleau

“As a woman, it’s when a man feels the need to tell you all about your own interests and how you’re wrong about it. Like, I’m nerdy and like comics, but I like the comics I like, and some comic guys try to tell me I’m not a real comic fan if I don’t like x,y,z comics. Dude, leave me alone.” — Zombiebelle

“Lying for no reason. I once knew someone who was a legit, full-on compulsive liar. Then you call them on it, and they start making up more stuff to cover the already ridiculous stuff you caught them lying about. It was basically a compulsion, I could tell, so I had to flush them out of my life. Yikes!” — GetOffMyLawn73

“Anyone who comments on my kids like this: She will break some hearts. He is such a flirt. Etc. Or if they crowd my kid trying to talk to them to where my kid is hiding. And they say don’t be shy, so I have to say they aren’t shy, you’re making them uncomfortable.” — agronz90

“I don’t think enough people trust their gut. If you have a weird feeling about someone, or they make you feel uncomfortable even without necessarily doing something explicit, there’s something going on under the surface. Trust your gut.” — clovecloveclove