15 Signs He’s Husband Material
Dimitri Kuliuk

15 Signs He’s Husband Material

If you want your boyfriend to become your husband, you need to make sure they’re willing to offer you everything you need. You need to make sure they’re someone worth dedicating ther rest of your life to, without question. Here are a few ways that women on Reddit said they’re able to tell whether someone is husband material:

“When you’re both at the same level. As in, wanting to commit, wanting to move forward, wanting to think about the future.” — AnneHocque

“You find yourself being a better person around them. Not because they force you, not because you’re afraid not to, but because you want to.” — SkyPork

“Someone who respects you, your time, your goals and your feelings as well as accepts your past and your flaws. Love can fade away at times, but respect is the most important thing in my opinion.” — hami4iok

“Consideration, fairness, willing to put me ahead of him as I do to him in return, honesty, cracking sense of humor and most importantly friendship. All the rest can be worked on, but you’ve got to have good roots to grow.” — tenaciousofme

“Kindness. Is he kind to wait staff, store clerks, etc.? Is he kind to his parents? Is he kind to strangers?” — Phrase-Suspicious

“Someone who enjoys just sharing a silent room from time to time. Able to have a hard conversation about what’s wrong or actual feelings without it escalating.” — windyporcupine

“Can cook, is financially stable, complements my personality.” — remigrey

“He’s a partner and we don’t just go through the motions. It’s a bond that grows and builds every day and as long as every day we choose each other and foster our equal partnership. That’s my man.” — TrashMonster2020

“He doesn’t expect you to be his mother/maid.” — micarst

“Someone who wants to grow through life and learn with you, who doesn’t hold on to anger and is open to forgive because none of us are perfect, one who has the ability to laugh and who willingly wants to improve upon the connection you have as years go by.” — SydneyPigdog

“Financial stability. By financial stability, I don’t mean that he has no debt. Yeah, he’ll probably have at least some debt, most likely student loans. But I mean that he’s financially responsible, lives within his means, and has a plan to pay off debt.” — Diotimas_Logic

“Trust and faith in each other. If you can’t admit when you’re wrong and have a civil conversation then the relationship won’t be fair for one side.” — toolmantimmy

“When they can cook and/or are willing to cook with me.” — CreepyHouseguest

“He always double checks that I’m okay with something before doing it.” — therainandclouds

“Honesty, emotional intelligence (or at least awareness) and tact. Being able to talk about issues, your future, things you like/don’t like without being a heartless jerk.” — Beluga_Snuggles