15 Signs You’re Hopelessly In Love

15 Signs You’re Hopelessly In Love

“You’ll know when you are in love when their mere presence puts you at ease. When you’ll admit even your worse fears and traits without hesitation and accept theirs without question. When even on the worst day of your relationship, you know that you want to be with them. When you put your ego and stubbornness aside and solve any issues that come up between you. When you want to tell every detail of your day the second you see them.” — Tea_coffee19

“You’re willing to give them your favorite food even if it means you won’t get to have it for yourself.” — GalileoFigaro1

“When you catch yourself just looking at them, filled with gratitude.” — jackets77

“When the relationship is not a trade of needs. You want to make the other person happy without wanting a return.” — Unknown-U

“Doing boring activities like getting groceries or chores suddenly become fun when they are around.” — tandoori_taco_cat

“I started to notice most when anytime something good or exciting happened I immediately wanted to share it with them. If I had a good meal I would want to share it with them. Also when I caught myself thinking of them first before making certain decisions.” — Beece

“When your mood is switched from bad to super good whenever you see/hear the person. And especially when could leave anything just to be with them.” — Grumpy23

“When I would gladly make small sacrifices like giving them the bigger slice, better pillow, and window seat without bitterness or regret.” — heathcliffitsme

“You can depend on each other without really expecting anything. Buying groceries, driving each other around, first person you call in an emergency. You become a core part of each other’s lives and you trust your partner to be there when you need them.” — IWillTheorize

“Love is not an emotion, it’s action. If it’s someone you think about all the time, that you’d do anything for. Who you are willing to go through rough times with and be understanding and supportive to. That’s love.” — sarcastic_monkies

“If the thought of them vanishing from your life suddenly is enough to cause you to shudder internally while trying to rid yourself of the thought, that’s a pretty damned good indicator right there.” — Onyx_Hokie_2

“You don’t want to be apart from them. And when you are you miss them desperately.” — nitzvitz

“When you’re listening to music and you realize that to you, they’re the one all the songs are about.” — NeroBurnsRome12

“For me it’s the feeling of full commitment and compatibility. We just clicked. I know I can tell him everything and he would never judge me. If I have a problem, we’ll try to solve it together. It’s never we have a problem, it’s there’s a problem, how do we solve it together. We are a unit.” — revyera

“If you think about all their most ‘unattractive’ qualities and you still just wanna kiss them and be near them you’re in love. If you would do anything for them even to your own detriment you’re in love. If you cannot fathom living without them you’re in love. If you feel vulnerable like an exposed organ but somehow still safe then you’re in love.” — fuckedbysandpaper